Finances are Better When Everything and Everyone is In Sync

When your customers sync their bank accounts to FINSYNC, they benefit with faster payments, easy / affordable payroll, automated accounting, cash flow projections, and the ability to get in sync with you online.

You can partner with FINSYNC, in place of QuickBooks and similar accounting applications, in an effort to help your business customers and your credit union grow more profitably.

What Our Customers Say

Polymath Innovations

"Truly game-changing, an all-in-one solution that replaces QuickBooks and other apps, helps us grow, and provides amazing service."

— Galen Dalrymple
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Your Credit Union

Join the Network that Helps You Grow

When you join the Network, we make it easy for your current customers using FINSYNC to connect with you for banking and financing.

Also, we match you to new prospective customers based on their financial needs and preferences and your products and services.

What We Look for in a Partner

FINSYNC partners with the best relationship builders.

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Credit unions in the FINSYNC Network deliver on the following expectations:

  • Friendly, professional service
  • Timely replies to applications and questions
  • Ethical, respectful practices
  • Eager to work with new clients

"The FINSYNC solution exposed our customers to what a truly digital experience is going to feel like, which was very positive, and I’d say it was an appetizer of what’s to come, and I think our customers really accepted that in a very positive way."

Ben Brazell, III., Chief Administrative Officer, First Reliance Bank, South Carolina

Join The Network

Plug into the Power of the Network Today.

You can offer FINSYNC at a discount to your customers as part of our listing service and also receive revenue share on subscription and transaction fees.

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Partnering with FINSYNC helps you increase revenue, improve retention, reduce risk, drive efficiencies and enhance relationship development.

Charter Membership

FINSYNC launched a cooperative structure to help you compete and increase revenue.

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