Thank you to our guest blogger, Reverle Harris!

Conflict is almost impossible to avoid.   There will always be differences in opinion, especially in the workplace.   Therefore, it’s inevitable that some colleagues will fail to communicate their opinions in a healthy and constructive way.   Here are some useful tips to keep workplace conflict manageable without getting out of hand:

1. Always Clarify

Most conflicts arise from miscommunication or lack of information.

Ensure you’re being clear in your expectations or concerns, and ask questions if you’re confused about anything.

2. Be Open-Minded

When you approach a co-worker about workplace issues, try to remain positive.  Don’t assume that they will be unreceptive or unwilling to come to a solution.

Try asking them for suggestions on how to resolve the problem and listen earnestly.

Working together to find a solution will make you both feel better about the situation, even if it isn’t exactly what you hoped would happen for the situation.

3. Remain Professional

Keep the discussion focused on issues that directly affect the workplace.

Avoid getting personal or making harsh remarks that will end up making matters worse.

4. Consult a Third Party

If you and a co-worker are having trouble coming to a solution, consider bringing the matter to a neutral party or human resources if available.

They often have good insight and can see the best option for everyone.

5. Forgive and forget

Even if a resolution cannot be reached, it isn’t wise to dwell on conflict.  When all is said and done, it’s best to move on.

Do the best you can do with what you’re given.  No one can fault you for that!

reverleharrisAbout the Author:

Reverle Harris is the lead consultant and a licensed health and life broker for A+ Finance & Resource Group, a Small Business Consulting Firm.  Atlanta area business owners can find her at Networking Works! in Gwinnett County or can schedule an appointment via email [email protected] or phone 678-532-9122.