Making, receiving and managing payments will never be the same with FINSYNC Pay. In addition to sending fast, secure payments, you can now use your credit card with any vendor.  Learn all the ways FINSYNC Pay is revolutionizing the payments game.


This month, FINSYNC launched new payment capabilities that are changing the way businesses can send and receive payments. Spoiler alert: You can now pay a merchant with a credit card, even if they don’t historically accept credit.

This new capability can help you maintain control of cash flow, even in months when your business may be strapped. FINSYNC’s payment platform is a secure, easy and convenient way to track and maintain the financial health of your business. 

Here are five ways FINSYNC Pay is revolutionizing the payments game.

Maintain Control Over Cash Flow

According to the latest research, 82% of US small businesses fail due to cash flow problems. That’s not entirely surprising when you consider that the old way of managing payments, cash flow, accounting, financing, payroll and services was entirely decentralized. 

In addition to providing more insight into your cash flow, FINSYNC Pay allows you to use your credit card to pay for regular business expenses — which can go a long way to help you maintain control over your cash flow by keeping more cash on hand in your bank account.

You can now use your credit card for everything. For instance, anything from your commercial lease to utilities and supplies. Instead of dipping into the red, pulling from personal savings, or taking out a loan to cover payroll.

Centralize Control of Payments

FINSYNC Pay is an all-in-one payment platform designed to centralize control of payments, manage your cash flow and make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you. The key to the innovative software is its centralized approach. Starting with payments but scales seamlessly with the growth of your business.

No more “misalignment” and “runaround” that slow down the growth of your business. With FINSYNC Pay, you can process payments and manage cash flow with less time, effort and cost to your business. It even comes with communication tools and synchronized calendars that eliminate the guesswork on payment statuses.

Issue Payment Without Revealing Credit Card Info

The decentralized “old way” of managing cash flow and processing payments is not secure. It frequently exposes payment details, does not reconcile electronic payments with remittance details, and does not allow charge card holders to send payments using their card without revealing their card information to the payee.

With FINSYNC Pay, bank and charge card details are encrypted and private. That means you can send secure credit card payments without handing over your credit card information. 

Unlike other platforms, FINSYNC Pay enables you to send another business a payment on your charge card using just their email address. The end recipient will not know or see your card information. Payees can check out as a guest, or set up a free account.

Pay Vendors Faster, Easier and With Less Processing

FINSYNC Pay makes it easy to quickly pay vendors by ACH. It is the only tool that allows a B2B payment by credit card even if that business is not set up for merchant processing.

Simply choose (or create) a vendor, attach a copy of the bill being paid, select which account to draw funds from and click “Send.” The Payments Inbox also makes life easy for your vendors by pairing remittance advice with payments and allowing vendors to choose how they want to receive payment.

With FINSYNC, your vendor will receive an email indicating that you would like to pay them. From that email they can choose how they would like to be paid (mailed check, ACH, charge card). After that, they will then see remittance advice and the corresponding updated records.

Integrate Payments Within Your Accounting Software

FINSYNC Pay not only makes it easy to stay in sync with your vendors, it makes payment simple and secure between you and your customers. FINSYNC Pay integrates payments within your accounting software, enabling you to build a database of customers. You can issue payment requests from any internet-connected device, attach documents and provide a secure portal for your customers to pay you. 

With FINSYNC Pay you’ll be notified by email and within the portal when a customer makes a payment and when funds are deposited. You can also monitor the status of all payment requests and provide your customers with a free portal for tracking their payments. Read more about the top challenges FINSYNC Pay helps small businesses solve.

A New Frontier

FINSYNC Pay is revolutionizing the payments game. From your lease to your produce vendor, you can now charge virtually any business expense to your credit card. That means more cash in your pocket and more ways to maximize control over your cash flow. 

Customers who adopt FINSYNC’s payment platform save, on average, thousands of dollars and hundreds of administrative hours per year. If you want to experience financial harmony and grow your business in new and empowering ways, combine payments, cash flow management and accounting with FINSYNC.

Have all your business payments in one place with FINSYNC.