From payment flexibility to on-demand financial expertise, these five tools can give your business growth to propel you through the new year.


Whether this year has been your best yet or most challenging to date, take steps now to set yourself up for success in 2020. This doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Today’s sophisticated Fintech tools make it easier than ever to save time, save money and work more efficiently. 

Next year, why not let intuitive online tools do the heavy lifting for you so you can spend more time growing your business? Here are five ways FINSYNC can help you run your business better in 2020.

Payment Flexibility

What if you could pay your business rent with a credit card? Cover traditionally cash-only bills with credit to free up your finances for payroll? Now you can with FINSYNC Pay.

Whether you’re having a seasonal downswing, or need access to capital to take advantage of a growth opportunity, FINSYNC offers payment flexibility along with unprecedented security. That means never having to share your credit card or account information over the phone to make a payment.  

FINSYNC offers simple, secure payments that are automatically reconciled and include remittance details. Pay all your bills by check (printed and mailed for you), ACH or credit card from a single consolidated platform. To pay by credit card, all you need is your vendor’s email address. FINSYNC makes it easy for your vendor to accept your credit card payment in a few simple steps. Even if they’re not set up to accept credit. 

The ability to use a credit card to cover your bills can help you avoid having to dip into your operating funds or take out a loan in leaner months when you need to leave a little more cash in your account, which gives you tighter control of your cash flow. 

Control Over Your Cash Flow

You’ve probably heard the alarming statistic: 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow issues, according to a U.S. Bank study. Beyond keeping your doors open, cash flow management is critical to qualifying for a business loan and attracting investors. 

In addition to freeing up your finances by allowing you to pay virtually any bill by credit card, FINSYNC offers a host of cash flow management tools that make it simple to track the money coming in and going out of your business.

Learn from your history of financial transactions, easily visualize where your money is going, and project your future cash flow to plan for upcoming expenses and projects. The best part? You don’t have to open a single spreadsheet to get an accurate picture of your cash flow. 

Linking up all of your business’ financial transactions, from payroll to invoicing, makes it simple to monitor your cash flow on a daily basis. Also gives you visibility into future transactions.

Access to Low-Cost Capital

At some point, your business will face expenses that go beyond the scope of a credit card. When you need quick access to capital for any reason, FINSYNC’s Lending Network takes the sting out of the loan application process.

Alternative lenders in FINSYNC’s network are more likely to extend loans to startups and businesses that may have trouble qualifying for a traditional loan. Unlike traditional lenders, online lenders can tap into your cash flow data to determine if you qualify for a loan.

Rather than asking for two years of business history, alternative lenders often only need to see a few months’ worth of bank transactions. Less-than-stellar credit? These lenders may look beyond your personal credit history and base your creditworthiness on the health of your monthly revenue. 

No collateral? That’s usually not a problem with alternative lenders, who are also generally more willing than traditional lenders to make smaller loans. With FINSYNC, the application process takes a matter of minutes. As your cash flow improves your access to additional capital increases — in real-time. 

Easy Access to On-Demand Financial Experts

Many small businesses don’t have the budget, or the need, to hire a full-time accountant, bookkeeper or other financial professional. So when a need arises, it can be difficult to tap into these invaluable resources. 

FINSYNC’s Virtual Assistance Network makes it easy to hire a financial professional on a freelance basis, which is a more cost-effective and accessible way to get the expertise you need, exactly when you need it. 

Get matched with a financial professional that’s best positioned to help your business, whether you need support for bookkeeping, accounting or financial analysis. You can even get help with human capital management, whether you need to hire or onboard an employee, or just get some help with payroll, HR and benefits. 

Looking for some guidance on a more strategic level? FINSYNC can even connect you with a virtual CFO for sophisticated projections, strategic advice and more. 

Streamline Back-Office Tasks

Perhaps the best way to position your business for growth is to free up time to focus where it will make the biggest impact. We know what you’re thinking — how? Start by taking all of those administrative tasks off your team’s plate, or let’s be honest, your own to-do list. Juggling spreadsheets and tracking down invoices is simply not the best use of your time.

For many small businesses, the key to improving efficiency lies in automation. Forget cutting paychecks or spending endless hours to make sure employee pay is in compliance with tax withholding requirements. An integrated financial platform like FINSYNC enables you to automate these tasks, and reduce potential errors in the process. 

Automating accounting tasks like sending out invoices can help you time your incoming payments to support your cash flow needs. You’ll never have to hound your customers for payments with automatic collections reminders. 

You can even automatically track your employees’ work hours with time-tracking software — no data entry required. Use this data to minimize errors when you generate the monthly payroll and calculate payroll taxes. 

Put your accounting on autopilot to free up your time and energy to focus on growth in the new year. FINSYNC’s all-in-one cash flow management platform can help you get there with minimal investment of time or resources. Take advantage of the software’s game-changing capabilities to position your business for success in 2020, and beyond.