On behalf of the whole FINSYNC team, I am very excited to launch our new look. Once you log in, you will immediately notice some major improvements, with more just around the corner.

Rest assured, all of your data is untouched by these visual updates, and the navigation you’ve learned remains the same.

This is more than just a pretty new face. These design changes have been made with specific goals in mind:

1. Make It Easier to Navigate FINSYNC

Gone are the drop shadows and gradients we felt were distracting. You will notice the app now feels cleaner and less cluttered.

2. Make FINSYNC More Familiar

We want you to find FINSYNC to be as intuitive as possible, so we looked at apps we as a team love and picked design elements we felt make them easy to use. We also updated colors and styles of buttons and other elements to be more consistent throughout the app.

3. Use Responsive Design

Our application currently has a fixed width, regardless of the size of your monitor. You’ll soon see the width of FINSYNC adjust to your monitor, making use of the entire work space. Look for this update toward to the end of January.

Old Design

Among these design changes you may also have noticed a few new features, improvements to existing features, and other changes you’ve asked for. Check the Community Page regularly learn more about what’s planned. And please let me know what you think.  We love customer feedback!