You’ve done it again! Thank you to our awesome users for your suggestions on how we can continue to make your small business finances easier to manage.

Feedback around FINSYNC’s invoicing tools has been very positive, but a number of users thought if we could add the actual payment draw to the system as well, FINSYNC would be even more efficient for our users and their customers.

You are probably familiar with how this system works because your larger vendors use it: banks, utility companies, insurance companies and others. Now you can bill your customers in the same way.

Now when you set up an invoice, whether it is recurring or a single invoice, you can set it to draw the funds via ACH (bank transfer) automatically and send your customer a receipt.

addbankinfoThis is a great tool for all of your clients that don’t want the hassle of having to pay you every month and a great tool for you in that you get your payments consistently and on time.

To set up invoicing with automatic ACH, you will need to collect your customer’s agreement, routing number and bank account number.  These numbers are easy to find on the fronts of checks or a quick look-up on their bank’s website.

Give it a try:

  1. Login to FINSYNC.
  2. Click the “Income” tab.
  3. Click “New” and choose “Invoice.”


You still have the option of using automated credit card draws as well, so we encourage to you to review your customer list and see if you can make collections even more streamlined going forward!

What are great services to bill using automated ACH?

Home services: pest control, yard work, cleaning.
Commercial services: cleaning, supplies, disposal.
Marketing services: public relations, SEO, SEM, social media management.
Professional services: legal, accounting.
Software: software as a service subscriptions.

What else?

Contact [email protected] with your suggestions on other ways we can make your life easier with the FINSYNC platform.