At FINSYNC our goal is to help businesses run better, but we don’t stop there.  We expect our customer businesses to run better next year than they do today, and that’s where constant innovation comes into play.

FINSYNC Innovation Huddle

Behind the scenes the FINSYNC platform improves anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week, and 1000s of improvements make their way into the platform each year.

What drives improvements?

We always seek an open dialogue with our business customers and the external teams that support them: accountants, bookkeepers, bankers, investors and others. When someone comes to us with an idea, they typically have a pain point that they want to solve.  Pain points can take many forms including efficiency, analytics and collaboration.

How do good ideas make their way into the platform?

Sometimes good ideas have already been thought of and are scheduled to be built.  For new ideas that we have not come up with before, we like to sit down in person or via a screen share and be sure that we understand exactly what the pain point(s) to be solved require. We examine the old way of doing (the painful way), proposed new ways of doing it, alternatives, and how switching to a a better way impacts other business processes.

Why do some ideas make their way into the platform before others?

We have an extremely talented group of designers and developers, but they can only work on so many projects at one time. Ideas that touch already existing features are more likely to be built sooner than totally new features. Ideas that impact lots of businesses are more likely to be built before ideas that only impact a few companies.

Will FINSYNC stop innovating?

No, our view is that the business environment continues to change and our platform needs to continually evolve as well. When we stop innovating, we stop being relevant and serving our customers to the best of our ability.

I want to suggest an improvement. How do I do it?

We’ve got you covered. From your dashboard, click the lightning bolt and then “Suggest Feature.” An email to support will start. We love to hear from you, so please make use of this feature and let’s build something together!