For many businesses, Q4 is the busiest time of the year. Wondering how you can prepare your small business to end the year strong and start the new year ahead of the game? We’ve compiled a list of activities to help you prepare.

Review Profit & Loss Statements

A P&L (Income Statement) is crucial as it holds major insight into your company’s financial health. Your P&L determines how profitable your business has been over a period of time. It includes a summary of revenues and expenses and overall determines your net income.

As Q4 approaches, set some time aside to review and compare your P&L’s. This will allow you to understand key aspects of your business and make informed decisions. The easiest way to prepare P&L is by using an accounting software program which will make the process much more efficient.

Perform a Website Audit

One of the most useful tactics to ensure your small business’ digital strategy is on track is by conducting a website SEO audit. It’s recommended to conduct an audit at least twice a year, but ideally on a quarterly basis.

Not sure where to get started? Try following some of these steps:

    • Use a site audit tool such as this free website grader tool created by Hubspot. This checks your website for any SEO or technical issues.
    • Prioritize updating each page based on traffic. If your website includes various components you’ll want to separate them by ranking and begin with the most visited ones first.
    • Check if your website has clear calls to action, whether they are links or buttons. These should be easy to find by your customers. A general rule of thumb is to place no more than 3 CTA’s on a single page.
    • Double-check for grammar or spelling errors.
    • Make sure your website renders correctly on all device types such as mobile phones.
    • Ensure your content adheres to the overall page goal and purpose.

Clean Up Your CRM

It’s estimated that 30% of data in your CRM, or Client Relationship Manager, is no longer accurate by the end of a year. This is due to people changing their email addresses, new phone numbers, new jobs/titles, etc.

Ensure your data is trustworthy and fresh by reviewing the following:

    • Get rid of duplicate records.
    • Standardize formatting throughout records
    • Delete any spam or inactive accounts
    • Create a maintenance schedule

Review and Set New Goals

How are things going with your business? Have you achieved the majority of your goals for the year? Have certain goals become less important? How much progress have you made? This is a great time to ask yourself these types of questions. Review previous months to identify areas of improvement as well as see what you’re already good at. Take this opportunity to motivate yourself to achieve any remaining or new goals by year-end.

We encourage you to add these tasks to your to-do list to end the year with momentum!



FINSYNC has a P&L setting that automatically compares periods such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly, so you can see trending reports.