Similar to social media, emails are an important communication tool. Many customers visiting a website or purchasing a product have done so after receiving an email from a company. Sometimes this happens even though they did not open the email, just from seeing the name in their inbox. This makes email one of the most powerful marketing tools and it’s also cost-effective.

In today’s digital world, a healthy email list goes a long way in ensuring the success of a blog, online sales platforms, or even sales leads. However, in order to get an engaged email list, you need to follow some basic email marketing practices that are sure to make your campaign a successful one.

Making your email marketing campaign successful is an art as well as a science. Follow these simple practices to navigate the complexities of the same.

Send Test Emails to Yourself

Sending a text email helps in ensuring that there are no typo errors and the email looks great both on both smartphone and desktop applications.

Never Spam

Never buy customer lists. Those are associated with a high rate of people who report spam reports and unsubscribe immediately. If you get too many complaints, you could even get banned by the email provider.

Make It Easy and Enticing for People to Subscribe to Your Email

This can be done in different ways such as tweeting the link, adding the signup form on a Facebook page, or embedding the signup calls-to-action or CTA on your blog or website. As a best practice, remember to send the first email within a day of subscription.

Set a Schedule

Schedule your email smartly and decide on the right time of the day to send your emails. This should be done according to your customer set.

After deciding on the timing, decide on the frequency of the emails. Though much of it is automated per the customer actions, you should always keep in touch with customers at least once a month. In order to do so successfully, prepare an email calendar corresponding with the event marketing, content marketing, and promotional calendar of your brand.

Details Matter

Focus on creating a convincing subject line that entices the customer to open the mail. How will your email stand out from the others waiting to be read in the recipient’s inbox?

Another important point is to keep a personalized sender name. This is because default sender names with no names are often frustrating and look impersonal.

The body of the email should be kept as simple as possible and designed for scansion. You need the reader to immediately understand the who, what and why of your email without having to ponder.

Always remember to add the alt text to the email buttons and images. This helps the readers in understanding what they are reading if the HTML does not work properly or if the images are blocked by default by the email client.

When it comes to styling you should keep the email colors and font true to your brand and be sure you have a transparent version of your logo that is a small file size so it loads fast.

In order to create a successful email marketing strategy, always remember to follow these practices. Delight your readers by providing value in each email and optimizing it for any mistakes before sending them. This will help you in having a great email campaign.



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