FINSYNC Launches Charter Membership Program

FINSYNC is committed to building meaningful partnerships through our new program, which offers members ample savings, support and a voice as we grow together.

By Tucker Mathis, CEO, FINSYNC, Inc.

We are thrilled to introduce FINSYNC’s new Charter Membership program, which offers small to midsize businesses preferred pricing, expedited payments, free dedicated support and a voice that will influence feature enhancements and integrations.

We are also offering a $1,000 cash-back rebate to our first 100,000 Charter Members.

FINSYNC’s membership program is designed to align our interests with those of our Charter Members, creating a partnership to help us both succeed long term.

Building Meaningful Partnerships

We have been partnering with our subscribers since long before we launched the Charter Membership program. In fact, it was some of these very relationships that inspired us to create this program.

Back in 2016, Lance Perry, CFO of The Milner Group, signed up for a free trial of FINSYNC and liked what he saw, but before he would commit to moving six companies and more than 100 employees to FINSYNC he called to talk to me.

Reasonably, Lance wanted some reassurance that FINSYNC was going to be around for a long time, and he wanted to know how we planned to innovate better and faster than our competitors. Lance bought into our vision for how we could evolve to become a market leader and I’m thankful he did as he’s been a valuable resource for feedback and suggestions throughout the years.

I’ve always thought of subscribers like Lance as members of our team, and “Charter Member” seems much more fitting than “customer” or “subscriber.” I’m thrilled to formalize partnerships like this one through our new membership program.

Our Goal

Prior to the membership program, our resources were invested in building the core platform for payments, financing and cash flow management, which required our complete focus. With that accomplished, we are now opening the platform up to input from our Charter Members.

By working more closely with our Charter Members, a special class of users with common interests, we’re able to evolve more rapidly to meet our members’ changing needs. We are committed to giving our members a voice, and will prioritize feature enhancements and third-party integrations based on their feedback

Value That Grows With Membership

Our success is measured by the value we are able to create for our members. While other services continue to increase prices and limit service, we offer value that grows with membership, along with an increasing level of service.

Our Charter Members benefit from the network effect: The more members who join, the more value you’ll receive. Our goal is to reach 100,000 Charter Members by the end of 2019, if not sooner. Reaching this critical mass will enable us to offer our members significant purchasing power on common purchases like insurance, legal and other goods and services.

Giving Our Members the Benefits They Want

After weeks of talking with our subscribers, we learned that the most common concern related to cash flow is the cost of health insurance, workers comp and general liability. The idea for negotiated discounts was born out of these conversations. With 100,000 Charter Members, we can help add value in a meaningful way.

Another membership benefit inspired by extensive conversations with our subscribers is a free hour of concierge service every month. While our platform is designed to automate as much bookkeeping as possible, many of our subscribers expressed interest in having someone to discuss their books with every so often.

Our subscribers told us they would value one hour of help per month — much less than the required commitment of most professional bookkeeping services. In response, we decided to dedicate a representative to each member, and offer one hour per month of free service (a $780 per year value).

We’re also offering our Charter Members more affordable pricing for expedited payments, along with lower rates on financing. The banks, credit unions and online lenders with whom we partner use our technology to underwrite loans at a lower cost, which produces savings that are passed to our users in the form of lower rates.

Charting a Path to a Public Offering

Going public has always been our goal. We move money for thousands of businesses, and by the end of the year this number could reach into the hundreds of thousands based on the rapid pace of our current growth. The Charter Membership program will help us improve overall transparency as we start to plan for a public offering.

We believe the added financial transparency we will gain in a public offering will help us more efficiently communicate with the very broad market of businesses we serve with payments, financing and cash flow management needs. Including the financial institutions with whom we partner to support these businesses.

We plan to offer initial Charter Members the opportunity to invest their $1,000 cash-back rebate in FINSYNC stock at the IPO price, if and when we complete a public offering in the future. This is just one more way we plan to further align our interests and share the results.

We think of our Charter Members as an extension of our team, and just like fellow team members, it’s exciting to think they could one day exercise an opportunity to obtain ownership in the platform they helped build with their ongoing support, suggestions and referrals. Or, take $1,000 cash and go celebrate a milestone with us! I look forward to celebrating with Lance, and all of our Charter Members, when we surpass our membership goals.

Join Us

We make it simple to get started. All Business Pro subscribers are eligible to become Charter Members for no additional cost beyond their subscription fee. We also offer a complimentary conversion program to help new members convert from QuickBooks or any other accounting and payroll software.

For the small to midsize business owners who are looking for a better way to manage cash flow, accounting and payroll, we offer both a platform and a partnership designed to help you grow.

Join us as a Charter Member.