If you didn’t see it already, FINSYNC’s joint announcement with Worldpay this week is worth reading.

FINSYNC and Worldpay US Team Up to Help Business Improve Their Operations

Meetings between the two companies have been frequent as both companies share a passion for helping business owners increase efficiency and spend less time on administrative tasks. It didn’t hurt that FINSYNC and Worldpay’s US headquarters are both in Atlanta so getting the teams together has been easy as well.

The result is a joint offering where a business owner who leverages FINSYNC for invoicing (and all the other features needed) and Worldpay for charge card processing will receive a deposit the next day.

Imagine invoicing your customer today and having funds in your bank account tomorrow!

If you are already using FINSYNC and want to take advantage of this program, simply open up the app and head over to the Invoice Settings.

Once there, click the Worldpay logo and fill out the simple onboarding form to set up Worldpay processing on your FINSYNC invoices.