How Banks Can Benefit From FINSYNC Pay

Banks benefit from using FINSYNC Pay when they strengthen customer relationships and increase loyalty by offering bank clients a better way to manage their business finances — plus the ability to pay cash-only vendors with credit via FINSYNC Pay. 


According to an American Banker study, 72% of businesses interviewed said they’d be willing to move to a neighboring bank for better payments. That statistic doesn’t bode well for many banks. Especially since a new generation of online lenders has emerged. Proposing a more efficient, streamlined loan application process than traditional lenders. 

To benefit from the services your bank has to offer, you need to change your strategy from “best business bank” to that of a long-term business partner. You can do that by offering useful services that are truly beneficial to your business customers. FINSYNC Pay is that service.

Learn how FINSYNC makes it easy for financial institutions to connect with their customers. By providing tools that can help their businesses grow, and how banks can benefit from FINSYNC Pay.

Help Your Bank Help More Businesses

To understand how banks can benefit from FINSYNC Pay, you first need to understand the limitations of business banks. As they compare to a long-term financial partner. 

A business bank seldom provides more than the standard array of banking services to their business customers. Why? Banks are swimming in financial data. However, they don’t have access to business-level analytics. Such as accurate financial statements, trending, and other context that would form a basis for helping a business understand what it needs to do to grow. 

A financial partner, on the other hand, is able to provide value to their business customers. Becoming more integral to their successful operation. Since they are able to organize, interpret, advise and enhance businesses’ capabilities.

For a business bank to evolve into a long-term financial partner, they need to do more for their business customers than simply provide checking accounts and loans to the most mature businesses. Deepen client relationships by providing financial tools to help your business customers manage their capital in new and empowering ways.

FINSYNC is an all-in-one payments platform designed to help businesses centralize control of cash flow and get their finances in sync. It’s far more than just another financial tool. Teaming up with FINSYNC can help your bank become a trusted financial partner by offering banking services that no other bank can provide. 

There are many ways FINSYNC can help your bank help more businesses. From tools that help your customers visualize cash flow to insight that helps them learn from the past and plan for the future.

Provide More Value to Your Business Customers

FINSYNC is built around the goal of helping more businesses succeed. FINSYNC Pay is making it easier than ever for banks to provide more value to their business customers. 

Offering the ability for your customers to use a credit card to pay vendors who don’t traditionally accept credit. Customers using FINSYNC Pay can send an email to their vendor with instructions to accept their payment in minutes for quick and easy payments. This also allows your account holders to make payments without ever revealing their credit card information.

By offering FINSYNC Pay to your business customers, you make it easier for them to manage payments, improve their financial security and operate more efficiently. Your customers can manage their cash flow better by using their credit card to make payments when necessary. No matter their vendor’s preference. 

No other institution can offer such beneficial tools. Meaning no other bank can provide the same value to its customers.

FINSYNC Pay is the only all-in-one payments platform that allows business customers to:

  1. Increase Control Over Cash Flow. Banks who offer FINSYNC Pay to their business customers are offering a next-generation payments platform that can help them to better understand their cash flow and increase their chances of qualifying for a loan.
  2. Centralize Control Over Payments. By offering FINSYNC Pay to your business customers, you’re giving them access to an all-in-one payment platform. Designed to centralize control of payments, manage their cash flow and make it easy for your customers to pay their vendors.
  3. Pay Vendors More Easily. FINSYNC Pay makes it easy to quickly pay vendors via ACH, remote-cut check or credit card. It’s the only tool that allows a B2B payment by credit card. Even if that business is not set up for merchant processing.
  4. Improve Financial Security. FINSYNC Pay also improves the financial security of your business customers. With FINSYNC Pay, your business customers can send secure credit card and ACH payments without handing over their account numbers.

FINSYNC Pay: A Benefit to Banks and Their Customers

Most importantly, FINSYNC Pay gives your business customers the financial options they need to ensure their enterprise succeeds. When your business customers succeed so does your bank.

FINSYNC can help your bank become a true financial partner that can help steer a growing business along the path to success. This type of value from a financial partner lays the foundation for a long-term relationship. As opposed to the commoditized interactions traditionally provided by business banks.

Get started today and leverage FINSYNC’s integrated functionality to provide more value to your customers and your bank.

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