Learn how to leverage cash flow analytics, brand your business as an expert advisor and deliver real value to your customers in a more strategic, advisory role.


Thanks to sophisticated Fintech software like FINSYNC, repetitive tasks like data entry have become virtually obsolete. Accountants and bookkeepers can stay relevant, win new business and strengthen their brand by offering new, more strategic and value-added services.

Cash flow advisory services are a major opportunity for you to position your business as a partner and financial expert that your clients can rely on for services that tap into your technical knowledge and ultimately provide valuable insight.

Why Cash Flow Advisory?

If your accounting or bookkeeping business has been around for a long time, data entry, reconciliations and other repetitive tasks were likely a big part of the services you offered in the early days of your business. 

More strategic services like cash flow advisory were probably reserved for when your clients had sudden fires they needed help putting out. Now, integrated Fintech software helps businesses streamline and automate many of these more routine accounting services. 

The benefit of integrating payroll, invoicing and other administrative tasks is the data that comes out of it. Analytics and projections provide insight for cash flow management, payment schedules and long-term planning. This opens up an opportunity for more proactive cash flow advisement that can help your clients make better decisions for their overall business growth.

As a financial professional, you have valuable access to client data and a wealth of experience from which to draw insights. Cash flow advisory allows you to put those skills to use in more strategic ways now that the industry is shifting away from tasks that can be automated. 

The data that your clients’ Fintech solutions generate allows you to start conversations around better financial management, and helps you sell your expertise before potential problems arise.

Cash Flow Advisory Services to Focus On

Based on your experience and the data that you have access to, consider which cash flow advisory services would be right for your business. These choices will help you determine how to brand your bookkeeping or accounting business to reach new and existing clients looking for more strategic accounting help. Consider the issues that your current clients are facing. What services would they benefit from the most?

Here are some of the best opportunities available to you:

  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Annual or periodic forecasting is a great way to learn from past business trends and add consistent value by helping your clients stay ahead of any potential cash flow issues.
  • Cash Flow Management: For shorter periods when cash flow may be a higher priority, or during specific projects that put a strain on finances, helping your clients manage their cash flow can be an invaluable service. 
  • Opportunity-Based Cash Flow Projections: Running projections for specific scenario planning such as capital expenditures, hiring and more can present your clients with options when making critical business decisions.

FINSYNC Supports Cash Flow Advisory Services

While advisory services help leverage your specific expertise, they will also be significantly affected by the payroll, invoicing, bill pay and accounting software available to your client. Using a true cash flow management solution like FINSYNC provides the tools and analytics necessary to offer insightful cash flow advisory services, in part because future transactions live in the same database as accounting, but also because the system contains purpose-built tools for managing cash flow. 

Here are a few of the main benefits FINSYNC brings to cash flow advisory:

Relevant Analytics From an Integrated Platform

By offering a complete cash flow and accounting solution that integrates everything from making payments to processing payroll, FINSYNC can analyze data from every angle of a business. This presents a more complete, intelligent forecast of future cash flow and business performance.

In terms of cash flow analysis, the ability to view employee time tracking in real-time and client pay schedules in an integrated financial software allows you to more accurately predict if the business will have an issue making payroll, or the client needs to adjust to better manage invoicing and bill payments. 

FINSYNC Pay Offers Control Over Cash Flow

With FINSYNC Pay, your clients now have the ability to use their credit card for traditionally cash-only payments, which gives them ultimate control over cash flow. FINSYNC Pay provides a simple way to send vendors that aren’t set up for credit card processing a credit card payment that can be accepted with a few simple clicks.

This capability allows you to advise your clients when they should free up their cash flow by using credit for expenses such as rent. With more flexibility, you can present better cash flow advisory strategies and your clients can worry less about making payroll or missing a vendor payment.

While solutions like FINSYNC help automate repetitive accounting tasks, they also present a wealth of data your clients will look to you to help process. Should they make payments now or later? Should they secure financing? What financial pitfalls are on the horizon? 

By offering cash flow advisory services — and supporting clients with a solution like FINSYNC — you can be an early adopter of this emerging form of advisory services that’s seeing rapid demand growth and delivering exceptional value to clients.