Small businesses that run FINSYNC understand that their time is extremely valuable. When a business switches to the FINSYNC platform, drastic reductions to administrative time follow in favor of more productive activities such as:

  • Better serving existing customers.
  • Developing new business.
  • Studying business analytics.
  • Rest and relaxation.

How does FINSYNC help small business owners reduce administrative time?

Automation and integration mean that your business data is always up to date and consolidated so that real time analytics and the tools to take action are all just a few dashboard clicks away.

Unlike standalone applications for recording where your business has been, FINSYNC enables you to understand where your business is going and gives you the tools to get it there.

What are some pain points that FINSYNC solves everyday?

  • Bank transactions are pulled down every night automatically so data entry is eliminated.
  • Cash is reconciled as the transactions are direct from the bank, not entered by hand.
  • Duplication of efforts is eliminated:
    • Time sheets update payroll, firm level accounting, and projecting tracking at the same time.
    • Any invoice or bill can be set up to recur indefinitely.
    • Quotes, sales orders, invoices, bills and payments (checks, ACH, and credit cards) made through FINSYNC update the books automatically.
    • Every past project becomes a template for future projects.
  • Your whole team is enabled to work together in the cloud and at no extra cost:
    • Custom permissions keep team members isolated to work flows that are relevant to them.
    • Multiple users can be logged on at the same time.
    • Accountants, investors and others can associated to each business.
  • Version control problems are eliminated with one shared set of books.
  • Collections are faster with automated reminders and invoices that are enabled for ACH and credit card payment.
  • Bill pay is faster with consolidated bills dashboard and one click mass payment.
  • Snail mail and visits to the bank can be completely eliminated with lockbox and your unique FINSYNC email inbox.
  • Cash flow projections are created automatically and additional versions can be created with different assumptions.

Wow! That’s a lot of pain points, but there are even more…

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