Learn how FINSYNC helps start-ups simplify payments, payroll and cash flow — and get access to start-up capital and small business insurance. 


Being a small business owner is both exciting and stressful. Your to-do list is never complete, and chances are the majority of items on that list are non-revenue bearing tasks.

FINSYNC can help you run your business more efficiently with intuitive tools. Meanwhile, save you time and allow you to focus on getting your start-up off the ground. The FINSYNC ecosystem consists of three main pillars: software, service database, and start-up funding. 

No matter what stage your start-up is in, your business can take advantage of some or all of these pillars. Here’s how: 

Scale as You Grow

It’s easy to scale your business with FINSYNC’s platform. 

If you’re a start-up, you can begin with a basic subscription to handle all of your payments. The platform can be up and running within 24 hours with ACH, check processing and charge card processing.

As your business grows and you hire more people. Then, you can add features like payroll, cash flow management, and accounting. 

Connecting your bank accounts and handling all of your payments through FINSYNC will give you a real-time projection of the health of your start-up. This is crucial for any business. Therefore, the more FINSYNC features you use, the more accurate your cash flow projections will be. 

Another small business start-up resource that FINSYNC offers is free, easy-to-access support. If you have questions or need help with a feature, you can reach out by chat or phone, or access a comprehensive support library online. 

Take Advantage of the Gig Economy

There are two ways you can leverage the gig economy through FINSYNC. First, is by having your independent contractors track time directly in FINSYNC. This way, you can have a better overview of their expense, and you can pay them as a part of your main payroll. 

Secondly, you can get access to the expertise of financial professionals like bookkeepers and accountants through FINSYNC’s services network. Your start-up will be matched with an experienced financial professional who is well-versed in your specific industry. No need to waste valuable time on the recruiting and hiring process, or invest in a full-time employee. This on-demand network of vetted financial professionals can support you at every stage of your start-up’s growth.

FINSYNC Partners With Accelerators

FINSYNC works with several accelerator programs that offer excellent support for start-ups. In addition to mentoring business owners that take part in many of these programs, FINSYNC offers participants a discount for its all-in-one accounting platform. Check the perks program at your accelerator or contact FINSYNC Support to find out what start-up discounts are available.

Some of the accelerators FINSYNC works with include:

  •     Techstars – a seed accelerator from Boulder. The highly competitive program has helped over 1,600 start-ups since 2006.
  •     Boomtown – provides seed funding, business resources, company-building curriculum, mentorship, and community. They run 12-week accelerator programs in Boulder and Atlanta.
  •     The Farm – an Atlanta accelerator sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal that offers event space, a prototyping lab and coworking facilities.
  •     Atlanta Technology Village – offers mentorship, working space, and pre-accelerator programs for start-ups.
  •     ATDC – Georgia Tech’s technology business incubator offers coaching, community, and capital for start-ups.

Taking part in programs like these can help start-ups get a leg up on their new business with invaluable resources and advice.

Streamline Your Processes and Save Time

FINSYNC’s consolidated system can help start-ups save time and work more efficiently so you can focus on growing your business. 

Having all of your back-office functions on a single platform makes running a start-up easier for solopreneurs and small business owners alike. There is no need to integrate with additional applications or remember multiple passwords. The consolidated system also makes it easier to manage your workflows. 

With FINSYNC, your accountant, bookkeeper, or even a lender can log in and get access to real-time information about your business. This significantly limits time spent faxing, copying, and sending files over email. More importantly, it enables your team to make better decisions and move faster. 

Get Financing Through FINSYNC

The third pillar of the FINSYNC platform is financing. If your business is looking for start-up capital, take advantage of FINSYNC’s network of lenders. There are several benefits of taking this route instead of the more traditional one. First, the application process couldn’t be easier. You fill out one application in a matter of minutes that gets submitted to several lenders. 

Second, and perhaps most importantly, your application will only be submitted to lenders who operate within your risk profile. This means that the lenders are more suited for the development stage and the needs of your business. Often requiring less time in business than traditional lenders. 

In addition to revenue, lenders typically look at how well you manage your cash flow. With FINSYNC, all of these metrics can be easily documented. Increasing your chances of getting approved for funding.

Shop for Small Business Insurance Through FINSYNC

Is your start-up shopping for small business insurance? FINSYNC’s insurance network can help make this process a lot less painful and time consuming by connecting you with a business insurance broker that best suits your start-up’s needs. 

Similar to FINSYNC’s lending network, you simply fill out one quick application to get connected with a broker that will help you shop around for the best rates on general liability, workers compensation or cyber insurance.

A Simple and Intuitive Way to Run Your Business

FINSYNC makes it easier to manage your payments, employees, and contractors. In addition, the platform can also provide you with real-time cash flow projections. As a result, It’s easier to make informed business decisions. 

Whether you use the platform to automate time-consuming back-office tasks, connect with a vetted bookkeeper or secure funding for your start-up, FINSYNC can help streamline your business operations so you can focus on getting your new business up and running. 

Ready to accelerate the growth of your small business? Meanwhile,  Start with a free, week-long trial of FINSYNC to see how the platform can transform your start-up.