Ask most small business owners why they got into business, and a love for administration will not be a top response. You started a business because you are creative by nature and love to solve problems with technology.


That said, as your business grows, the administrative load tends to grow.  Direct employees and contractors join up with time sheets and HR needs, larger customers with more complex billing requirements come along, and more bills on varying schedules make their way into your life.  Less and less time can be devoted to design, development, execution, client interactions and the other fun parts of owning a digital firm.

Across bill pay, invoicing & collections, accounting, project management and payroll, your time to actually work on the business and serve customers can almost disappear. This period in the growth of a business can be downright depressing and is often characterized with quaint cliches like “the tail wagging the dog” or being “in the weeds.”

Small business owners stay in the weeds too long because they don’t realize how much of what they do can be automated with technology.

The decision to outsource financial tasks is usually delayed as most small business owners want to put as much cash as they can towards parts of the company that drive revenue. The traditional way of outsourcing these tasks is by hiring, but what FINSYNC does is insert a layer of efficiency into the firm without the need to hire more internal or external administrative staff. At $35/month, the savings is enormous when compared to staffing up, and the new revenue that comes from the existing team having reducing administrative time by up to 80% is enormous.

So how does FINSYNC free up your time so you can be creative again?

FINSYNC’s state of the art platform places every financial function that a digital agency needs in the same cloud environment:


  • FINSYNC connects directly with 99% of US banks and imports your transactions every night. You will never have to hand key transactions into an accounting system again, cash is always reconciled, and the system learns to categorize your transactions.
  • FINSYNC keeps your accounting up to date as bills arrive, you invoice and your customers pay.
  • FINSYNC’s money movement capabilities allow you to never have to go to the mailbox or bank to make deposits again.
  • FINSYNC automatically sends collection reminders on overdue invoices.

Make 2016 the year you get more creative and less administrative!


  • FINSYNC allows unlimited administrative users, so you, your staff, your accountant, and your investors can log in anytime and work with real time analytics at no extra cost.
  • FINSYNC’s time tracking allows your direct employees and contractors to log time directly to projects, so you never have to consolidate time sheets for payroll or create secondary reports to understand how profitable a project is. Moreover, you can run payroll directly through the platform and accounting stays up to date.


  • Digital agencies that switch to FINSYNC can consolidate their checkbook, mailbox, invoicing, business banking, merchant processing, time tracking, project tracking, document management and payroll into one single platform.

A Case Study:

  • Digital marketing agency Sideways 8 had been looking for cloud solutions to drive efficiency and free up time for driving new revenue.
  • The owner had been able to partially accomplish what we wanted using 5 pieces of software in conjunction for payroll, invoicing, payments, bill pay and project tracking into FINSYNC and was able to eliminate bank trips, paper checks and snail mail from his routine.

See what the owner, Adam Walker, had to say:

ecdheadshotblackandwhiteAbout the Author:
A serial entrepreneur, Eddie Davis heads business development for FINSYNC. He loves working with small businesses to help them streamline operations and speed growth. Contact him at [email protected]