Advancements to FINSYNC’s payments platform provide simple, secure payments and more control than ever over your cash flow.


Technology advancements have revolutionized the way small businesses manage their finances and access capital. From automating invoices to applying for financing in a matter of minutes online. So why are you still making payments with paper checks?

You’re not alone. According to “The B2B Payments Tipping Point” report by PYMTS and Mastercard®, only 9% of businesses use a credit card as their primary form of payment for B2B expenses. And while checks are still the most prominent form of payment, businesses aren’t exactly happy using this outdated format.

The same survey shows that business owners are more satisfied with ACH, electronic bank transfer and credit card payments than checks. So where’s the disconnect? It’s time for payments to catch up to the rest of the advancements that are changing the way that SMBs do business.

FINSYNC Pay is the first tool on the market to streamline B2B credit card payments to vendors that aren’t set up for merchant processing or existing members of a network (like Venmo or PayPal). And making credit card payments is easy for both you and your vendors. 

This unprecedented payment flexibility can give you ultimate control over your cash flow. 

Simple and Secure

Remember when you had to give out your account information over the phone in order to make a payment? Perhaps you’re tired of wondering (okay, worrying) if your sensitive financial info was handled properly. Fortunately, those days are long gone. 

FINSYNC Pay allows you to request to make a payment via check, ACH or credit with only your vendor’s email address. Want to pay via check? FINSYNC will print out your check and mail it for you. What about using your credit card to pay a vendor that doesn’t accept credit? We make it easy for both you and the payee, even if they’re not set up for merchant processing.

All you have to do is send your vendor an email request to pay via credit card. They can accept your payment — along with future credit card payments from you — in a few quick clicks. And you never have to hand over your account information.

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Free Up Cash for Immediate Needs

You shouldn’t need to take out a loan just to get through the occasional lean month, or to capitalize on growth opportunities that may be fleeting. FINSYNC Pay gives you the freedom and flexibility your business needs — and deserves. You qualified for that business credit card for a reason, right? Shouldn’t you be able to use the credit you’ve been approved for?

Now you can. Paying traditionally cash-only payments like your commercial rent with a credit card can free up your cash flow for immediate needs, like payroll. Using a credit card buys your business a bit more time. This can be crucial with today’s increasingly longer payment terms, not to mention seasonal business swings. 

Centralized, Easy-to-Track Payments

FINSYNC Pay centralizes control of payments by allowing you to securely send and receive electronic payments via check, ACH and credit card from a single inbox. Your payments also include remittance details and are automatically reconciled for streamlined tracking.

Within FINSYNC, communication tools and synchronized calendars give you at-a-glance clarity on the status of payments. You can even get an advance on future payments in a single click. 

By now, you’ve probably heard the disheartening statistic that 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems. FINSYNC Pay gives you more control than ever over your cash flow, which can help your business avoid a similar fate. 

FINSYNC’s integrated payments platform can save you both time and money by helping you process payments and manage cash flow with a lot less time and effort. Perhaps it’s time for a payments upgrade that provides security and flexibility along with options your business never had before now.