Did you know using a credit card to pay for business expenses means having more ways to maximize control over your cash flow? It’s true. Carefully managing cash while shelter-in-place is causing the economy to slow down can be crucial for keeping your business going. Paying more expenses with a credit card gives you the freedom and flexibility your business needs.   

Pay Anyone, Any Bill, Anywhere, with a Credit Card

Covering business expenses with a credit card enables you to pay your vendors on time. From anywhere while mitigating the risk of being short on cash. Whether you need inventory or just need to pay office rent, paying with a credit card maximizes your opportunities. You only need an email address. 

Help Keep Your Business Running During Shelter-At-Home

In addition to leveraging your credit card more often, you can also reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 by utilizing FINSYNC’s Lockbox. With Lockbox, you simply direct your customers who pay by check to mail their checks to your Lockbox. Then, FINSYNC deposits the funds for you. You never have to touch the mail.

Protect Your Account Details

Beyond the health implications, adopting FINSYNC Payments is more secure from a fraud perspective. Whether you transact with customers and vendors by ACH, paper check or with a charge card, you never expose your account and card numbers. You do not have to worry about their cyber-security policies. 

Now Is the Time

While shelter-at-home certainly causes business owners to rethink policies and procedures, it’s also a great time to improve efficiency, security and lay the groundwork for future success. Adopting FINSYNC’s tools for payments and cash flow management is as easy as starting a free trial. 

Even better…for businesses that are feeling the effects, you can request your subscription fees be waived until the economy opens up. All you have to do is ask!