FINSYNC Pay does for business accounts what Venmo, Cash App, PayPal and Zelle have done for personal payments. Find out how your business can benefit from simple, secure payments and easily pay merchants.


You love the convenience that Venmo, Cash App, PayPal and Zelle provide for your personal finances, but what if your business was provided the same type of click-to-pay convenience? How could your business benefit from payment flexibility, improved security and ultimate efficiency?

Introducing FINSYNC Pay. A revolutionary new technology that enables small business owners to centralize control of their finances, gain better control over their cash flow, and make secure payments quickly and easily.

Consumer Payment Tools vs. Business Payment Tools

According to a report, nearly 70% of consumer payments are made electronically, but 64% of US businesses still pay by check. If consumer tools like Venmo, Cash App and PayPal make payments so quick, easy and efficient, why do so many small businesses insist on using paper checks?

It’s because business payment tools are generally inferior to consumer tools in terms of experience, user interaction, speed and ease of use. Many businesses also tend to be old-fashioned in the way they handle their business finances.

Fortunately for small business owners, FINSYNC Pay was built to provide the same level of convenience found in consumer payments platforms, offering simple, secure payments — and the ability to use your credit card with traditionally cash-only vendors.

Make B2B Payments Easy with FINSYNC PAY

Whether you’re paying your produce vendor or charging rent to your credit card, your small business needs access to payments software that’s as secure, easy and convenient as the payment apps on your mobile phone.

Here are 5 Ways FINSYNC Pay makes it as easy to pay merchants as it is to Venmo a friend for dinner.

1. Pay Vendors That Aren’t Part of Your Network

Unlike Venmo or PayPal, FINSYNC Pay doesn’t require payees to sign up to a network to accept payments. You can even remote-issue a check if they insist on a mail-based payment. Payees can check out as a guest or set up a free account that gives them access to payment statuses and activity history.

2. Use Your Credit Card For Cash Payments

Small businesses that utilize FINSYNC Pay can use their credit card for traditionally cash-only expenses such as rent. Your vendor doesn’t have to be set up with a merchant account in order to accept payment from you via credit card. They can accept your payment in a few quick clicks and can then easily receive credit card payments from you in the future.

Using a credit card to make payments also enables your small business to maximize credit card rewards. Which can be used to cover new purchases or reinvested to help you grow your business.

3. Seize Control Over Cash Flow

According to the latest research, 82% of US businesses fail due to cash flow problems. FINSYNC Pay can help you manage your cash flow. Giving you the option to use your credit card for expenses that you can pay off at the end of the month. This buys you more time for incoming payments to arrive, and frees up cash for crucial expenses like payroll.

4. Simplify Your Business Finances

B2B payments can be difficult to manage, especially when one vendor prefers ACH, another prefers a check, and another prefers a charge card. FINSYNC Pay enables you to simplify your accounts payable on a single, consolidated platform.

Centralizing control of payments can help you eliminate all the payment administration tasks that slow down the growth of your business. Such as unnecessary phone calls, emails, checking statements and more. With FINSYNC Pay, you can process payments and manage cash flow with less time, effort and cost to your business.

FINSYNC Pay comes with communication tools and synchronized calendars. Eliminating the guesswork on payment statuses for you along with your customers and vendors.

5. Make and Receive Payments with Less Processing

FINSYNC Pay makes it easy to build a database and pay vendors by remote-cut check, credit or ACH. You can also streamline the customer-facing side of your business. Payment requests are issued from any internet connected device. Your customers receive attached documents and a free, secure portal for making electronic payments.

If your clients insist on writing a check, you can route it to your lockbox. Then, FINSYNC will make the deposit for you!

FINSYNC: The Easiest Way to Pay and Get Paid

FINSYNC Pay is an all-in-one payments software that empowers small businesses with the ease and convenience of consumer payment platforms. But FINSYNC Pay is more than a convenient way to received customer payments and pay your vendors. It’s a tool that enables you to seize control of your cash flow as well.

The days of logging into many different platforms to pay your bills and collect from your customers are over with FINSYNC. Try a free trial today!