Are you exasperated with old financial software like QuickBooks but don’t feel like you have time to move forward?

If the answer is “Yes,” you’re ready for SpringBoard.

‘We love to help business owners understand where their business is going!

FINSYNC helps you drastically reduce your administrative time and understand where your business is going with real time analytics.  With SpringBoard our job is to take all of the burden of switching software off of your shoulders, so you don’t lose valuable time getting set up the right way.

Who does the work?

With SpringBoard, FINSYNC does the work.

3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Pass Us Your Paper (or Spreadsheets, or Accounting Files)

“Our clients can’t believe our team will get them completely set up!”

A member of our Atlanta-based customer support team contacts you to learn a little bit more about your business and find out what your current systems are. You’ll get a short list of information required based on how you do things now.  If you are already using an accounting system, you may only need to send your QuickBooks file, export reports from Xero, etc.

You may also need to send:

  • Your pay sheets for the year to date.
  • Vendor and customer information if not in your old accounting system.
  • Any open invoices or bills you still intend to collect/pay.
  • Employee info if you are running payroll through FINSYNC.

Step 2: Let the Set Up Begin

Once you send the info, the SpringBoard team puts their skills to work setting up the perfect FINSYNC business profile for your business:

  • springboardCustomer list and contacts
  • Vendor list and contacts
  • Direct and contract employees
  • Chart of accounts (how you categorize inflows and outflows of money among other things)
  • Opening balances  (where you were financially before you started with FINSYNC)
  • Open invoices
  • Open bills
  • Inventory items
  • Service catalog items
  • Project templates


smb owner- one click efficiencyStep 3: All Aboard for a Guided Tour

Once all of your data has been loaded up by the team, you’ll get a note to set a time for a guided tour. One of the team will set up a screen share with you and walk you through the system to be sure everything is just how you want it.

What happens after SpringBoard?

You’ll be up and running and our customer success team is always available to help you as you get more advanced. Reach out by phone or email to [email protected] with questions about how to do things or to suggest new features. You can also contact us directly through the website during business hours.

We love to hear from you!