If you are contemplating starting a small business in 2021, there are several factors that you might consider prior to launch. The pandemic has brought about widespread change in the ways in which businesses operate and the types of services that people require most of the time. It has also transformed the manner in which people consume goods and services.

Thinking about how your business would adapt to the “new normal” could enable you to identify the right type of business to launch in 2021. With that in mind, let’s look at a list of top small business ideas.

Online Teaching

In 2020, lockdowns and social distancing protocol caused schools to close and education to take place remotely. As a result, a rise in demand for online tutoring services increased. An online teaching business gives you the flexibility to choose a subject that you have knowledge of and teach students from a remote location.


Consulting services are required in almost every field. You can select a field in which you have interest or expertise (such as business leadership, financial services, social media marketing, etc.) and offer your services as a consultant. You can start as the sole consultant and as your business expands, recruit other employees.

Medical Supply Service

Offering doorstep delivery of healthcare products is a service that experienced high demand during the pandemic. You can start a service that delivers any type of medical product including laboratory results, medical equipment, and so forth.

Freelance Marketing

Freelance jobs and companies have also experienced high demand for their services during the pandemic. As a freelancer who is starting a business, you can choose to offer the kind of service that you are good at. This could include copywriting, graphic design, social media marketing, translation, photography or videography, etc.

Virtual Accountant/Bookkeeper

The job market for accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors who work remotely is expected to continue to grow within the next few years. More businesses are beginning to hire virtual accountants, even virtual assistants, due to budget constraints. Companies save large amounts of money by hiring virtual rather than full-time employees. This is a great opportunity if you are looking to work in a flexible environment.

App Development

If you are experienced in software engineering, consider offering services related to app development. Mobile apps are highly popular due to the fact that most people today rely on smartphones for communication. Developing apps for cell phones or virtual reality could thus prove to be a profitable entrepreneurial venture.

Starting a business takes a lot of work and dedication. However, with the right tools, mindset, and guidelines, you can launch your business in no time.


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