Small business owners speak up about how FINSYNC has helped them simplify cash flow management with real-world examples from their day-to-day operations.


For small businesses, cash flow management is crucial to success. However, it can also be time-consuming, confusing and often overwhelming. 

FINSYNC’s platform makes managing small business cash flow on a day-to-day basis easy to understand (even at a glance). The right tools can give you the confidence to consider the bigger picture. That way you can make decisions that will give your business an edge in the long-term. 

Getting to know our clients on a personal level gives us insight into how important successful cash flow management is to their business. Hearing how we help them accomplish their goals is incredibly rewarding.

Here are a few highlights from our Spotlight on Small Business Owners series. Our clients talk about how FINSYNC can help simplify cash flow management and contribute to business success.


Small Business Insights: 4 Ways FINSYNC Simplifies Cash Flow Management
Erik Fogg, Founder/Sales, ProdPerfect

Predictability & Centralization

FINSYNC has helped us create a level of predictability around what we’re spending and taking in, and what we’re likely to spend and take in, so that we can make budget decisions in order to keep the pace that we’ve been keeping.

That’s been mission-critical for us. I need to be able to report what our revenue looks like. We need to be able to raise money on this.

FINSYNC helps with the centralization of everything. The platform can do everything I need as far as paying people and taking money in. It knows where all that money is and where it’s gone. And I can print a report on it, which is great.

We don’t have anyone who’s going to sit there with a spreadsheet and do that all day. There are only three of us, and two of us are trying to build a product. That’s one of the biggest challenges that FINSYNC has helped us solve. I don’t have to do the work, and I don’t have to hire someone.

Everything is in one place and we’re able to tack on FINSYNC’s bookkeeping concierge. At the end of the month, I can go look at my books and know how we’re doing with the budget. In fact, I can look week to week and know how we’re doing with the budget. And I can make decisions on it with a short amount of time and a very tight level of data.”

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Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Sonia Dumas, CurioHaus
Sonia Dumas, Founder, Curio Haus

“For me, FINSYNC brings clarity and confidence both to our processes and cash flow management. From the FINSYNC command station, I can see the financial health of my firm on a daily basis. It simplifies cash flow management within our business. I love that I can monitor the profitability of client engagements.

The cash flow dashboard when you first login can either give you a heart attack or it can make you rest well at night. It can push you to say, okay, I have a 45-day window to bring in another client or do something different. And it’s good to have that kind of head’s up, versus talking to your accountant or getting statements once a month only to find out you’ve got two weeks.

The other thing I love is being able to know where to quickly trim the fat on value-depleting expenses and say, how can we become leaner in certain areas, or where should we become a little bit more generous in certain areas? Especially if it’s client-facing, and it’s going to improve the value of our relationships with our clients.”

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Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Galen Dalrymple, Polymath 1
Galen Dalrymple, COO, Polymath

“Everything we do is pretty much on a project basis. By having the time tracking built into FINSYNC that automatically updates costs and projects, and being able to track expenses, I can go in at a moment’s notice on any project and see what our budget for the project was. I can see how much we spent in labor and how much we’ve spent in expenses and what it looks like our projection is going to be. 

And we use that historical data on future projects. Having all that information in FINSYNC, it’s just a matter of running a report and you’ve got that information. We use that to price out future projects so that future projects are more profitable than past ones. Having the information in FINSYNC that we can pull out to make better decisions has the biggest impact on us in terms of cash flow.”

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Spotlight on Small Business: Travis Peters, Impelos
Travis Peters, President, Impelos

“Cash flow has been a big [challenge]. Being able to run the business without debt, manage our investments into the business, and ensure that clients are paying and contractors and vendors are getting paid in a straightforward fashion has been the biggest challenge. 

With the cash flow tools that allow us to see where our financial trends are, we’ve been able to look forward and see where potential problems might arise. This allows us to plan accordingly rather than having sudden surprises.”