Small business owners speak up about how FINSYNC has helped them save time with real-world examples from their day-to-day operations.


We don’t have to tell you how busy small business owners are. Between putting out fires and making sure your employees get paid, finding the time to pursue timely growth opportunities can seem impossible.

FINSYNC’s suite of software tools can help you free up precious time to get back to growing your business. From streamlining back-office operations to simplifying cash flow management, we’re here to help you manage your business better, with less effort. 

But don’t take our word for it. We love speaking with small business owners from across the country for our Spotlight on Small Business Owners series. Here, we share some of their insights about how FINSYNC has helped save them time. 


Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Galen Dalrymple, Polymath 1

Galen Dalrymple, COO Polymath

“We were using various tools and none of them talked to each other. We were using QuickBooks Online for our receivables. Later, we added the payables part to it, but it wasn’t connected to payroll, nor was it connected to time tracking, nor to our project management data in Excel for project cost accounting. 

I was spending a lot of time trying to get the data we needed from one tool and then patch summary information to other tools and make sense out of it all. It was very costly and very burdensome. 

FINSYNC pulls all the data together so I can make sense out of things. It was the only platform we found that did everything we wanted. The only platform that really seemed like it did project cost accounting well in a way that made sense to me was FINSYNC.”


Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Shaun Lapacek, Rock N Wool Winery 4
Shaun Lapacek, Founder Rock N Wool Winery

“I have absolutely no concept of how to deal with the whole payroll system. I can do all of that stuff for myself, but when it comes to filing for other people, that’s where I was kind of going crazy. The paperwork’s the worst thing.


I had talked to Square originally and they want to nickel and dime you for everything. They wouldn’t be flexible with me for what I needed. That’s why I went to FINSYNC.

FINSYNC was great. They were able to accommodate how people got paid, what taxes got taken out and it’s very easy. They’ll send me reminders about running payroll and things like that. It’s so nice to have that completely off my mind. It’s a hat I don’t have to wear. FINSYNC really allows me to focus on what I want.”



Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Andy Rostad, Media Beyond

Andy Rostad, Executive Producer Media Beyond

“I used to have 30 vendors, some of whom did not participate in our digital ACH wire transfer program, so they wanted paper checks. In order to create a paper check in my old software, I would have to buy special printable paper, line those up with our printer and send them through, and there would be misalignments and duplicate check numbers. It was just a nightmare. 

When I found FINSYNC, they said you can send somebody an email, and they can elect whether or not to get a paper check, and we’ll handle that for you for a trivial cost. That saved me hours of headaches and let me focus on my business. That’s just been the FINSYNC way — it’s really easy to use. We don’t have a ton of complex needs, but whatever I need, I can do quickly and get back to creating content.” 


Diane Bloodworth, CEO Competitive Sports Analysis

“FINSYNC has made my business more efficient. They’ve made my time more efficient. Accounting and bookkeeping is something that’s very important to the business, but I don’t like spending a lot of time on it. So it’s helped make my time, and therefore the business, more efficient.

They really have just made my accounting and bookkeeping life so much easier, especially with payroll. I have a lot of hourly interns on payroll right now, so it just makes my life so much easier. I’m not an accounting person, and I find the system really easy to use. I’m very grateful.” 


Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Sonia Dumas, CurioHaus

Sonia Duma, Chief Marketing Officer Curio Haus

“Time is my most valuable asset. At this stage in my life, I don’t have time for another app that adds complexity to my world. I have a drive for simplicity. As executives we’re in this ever-vigilant battle to make our lives more simple. 

I was looking for a way to streamline our processes. How can we streamline marketing and communication so that it’s simple, effective and relevant to both our team and our clients?

Everything about FINSYNC is very intuitive and simple, and the customer support team is fabulous. At the end of the day, it’s a relationship — these people are part of my financial team. FINSYNC, on some level, is a part of my financial team. 

They’re in the day-to-day because so much relies upon what their system does. And only seeing it get better — I love it. I can’t see myself on another platform.”