Streamline Your Business Efforts with the ABCs of Efficiency

Want to run your small business more efficiently? Follow these three simple steps to minimize your efforts and maximize your results.


Who doesn’t wish they could run their business more efficiently? Get more done in less time? And save money while you’re at it? Yes, please — said every small business owner in America. If only it was as easy as that.

We’ve got some good news. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to see real results when it comes to running your business more efficiently. With just a few small changes, you can free up enough time to get back to those big-picture priorities that have been sitting on the back burner for way too long.

Ready to start small? Try these three strategies for cutting down your administrative tasks and streamlining your operations. With a little effort, improving your efficiency can be as easy as A, B, C.

Automate Your Back Office

How much time do you spend on administrative tasks? How would your business benefit if you could use that time and mental energy to map out goals and plan for growth? We know what you’re thinking: Easier said than done.

We’ve been there. Small business owners wear many hats, and are some of the most over extended folks out there. All the more reason to take some tasks off of your plate. Sophisticated online tools like FINSYNC can help you put your back office on autopilot.

Start with your accounting. Once you sync up your finances online, they’ll be categorized automatically on a complete general ledger, which makes it simple to track expenses, reconcile your accounts and streamline your tax prep.

How much time do you spend tracking down invoices? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could pay vendors or collect payments with a single click of a button? You can. Simply set up auto payments and recurring invoice schedules to save endless hours on these tedious administrative tasks. 

Simplifying your financial management can help you redirect your efforts into matters that need your immediate attention, from sales and customer service to celebrating a recent win with your team.

Block out Interruptions

According to the experts, interruptions at work are killing your productivity. Perhaps not too surprisingly, 71% of people reported frequent interruptions at work, while only 29% said they’re able to block out everything else while working. If only we could all be so skilled.

While it’s not exactly realistic for small business owners to block out every interruption throughout the day, protecting your most productive hours can make a huge difference. When do you do your best work? Get the most done? Whether it’s 7 to 10 a.m. or 2 to 4 p.m., alert your team that this is now your “do not disturb” window.

Use this protected time to tackle your most pressing tasks. You should know exactly what these priorities are in advance, so take a moment every day to consider your goals for the following workday. You’ll need to be disciplined about protecting that precious time, as will your employees, but you’ll be amazed how much you can get done without interruptions. 

To be truly productive, you’ll also have to protect your time from digital distractions that can pull you away from the task at hand. This is not the time to Google gift ideas for your significant other, or catch up on social media. Resist the temptation to go down these alluring rabbit holes so you can focus on what’s truly important to your business.

Note that it may take a bit of practice to focus effectively in today’s digital landscape. Be disciplined about your efforts, and your uninterrupted focus will pay off. Consider the Basex survey that discovered that distractions cost companies in the U.S. $588 billion every year in lost productivity. Ouch. 

Consolidate Your Tools

How many different applications do you toggle between throughout the day to run your small business? Do you need an app just to keep track of all your different passwords? 

Bouncing around from accounting software to a payroll app and yet another site to track your work hours isn’t exactly an efficient use of your time.

Perhaps it’s time to get organized. Managing your small business finances from a single platform (with one password) is a streamlined way to operate. Synching up your small business finances also allows you to harness the power of your financial data to give you a complete picture of where your business has been — and where it’s going. 

Simplify your workflow with an easy-to-use all-in-one system that not only takes the drudgery out of day-to-day tasks, but also provides actionable insights that can help your small business grow and thrive. 

From smart online tools that can tackle your administrative tasks to protecting your most productive time, follow the ABCs of efficiency and you’ll be rewarded with dividends, with a capital D.