FINSYNC has created a simple way for banks and credit unions to enable their business customers to apply for loans completely online. In our latest video, Eddie Davis provides a thorough walkthrough of FINSYNC's Plug and Play electronic loan application solution for banks and credit unions. COVID-19 and the PPP loan process caused the lending market to shift almost entirely online. By necessity, borrowers had to apply for PPP loans electronically, and lenders had to serve that need electronically. In many cases, behind the scenes was an extremely manual process. People were up late at night using all kinds of methodology for workflow management and collecting documents, and all of these processes were created and developed on the fly. Borrowers realized that it is possible and desirable to complete application workflows with their bank electronically. This video is about how Banks can deliver on that value proposition outside of PPP loans and forgiveness and transition to a completely digital, traditional electronic business loan application process. [embed][/embed]

The Borrowers Experience

When financial institutions implement FINSYNC's tools, we provide borrower intake forms. The intake form has your logo featured prominently, and we also support traditional types of loans on our loan applications.  Our lender's portal is a co-branded experience, and we provide a unique URL for you. So, where you see "modern lender" in the URL in the video, that's where your financial institution's name would be. That makes it easy for you to direct people from your business-facing portions of your website, your emails, and other marketing campaigns to be sure that your customers can easily get to your lender's portal page. The traditional financing section lists the types of loans you can create. These are the "purposes," and you can create as many loan products as you wish within the portal. The borrower works through the various tabs to collect their information and set up their account. Then, they are given access to the portal. Once the borrower has access to the portal, they can submit documentation to your team if required as part of that particular loan product process.

The Lender’s Experience

Your team of business Bankers will log in to their portal and process loan applications through your internal vetting process through to funded and then payment. You set up the portal by listing the loan products that you offer. You will go through an intake form to set up each new product. Then set the pre-qualification guidelines that the application will then display. When you receive a loan application, you will receive a notification. The application will then either be rejected out of hand if you feel that it's fraudulent or if it's not relevant to your institution. Otherwise, the loan application will get worked through the various stages of vetting. The lender's portal is a multi-user environment. Users can assign or unassign themselves, or a specific user can delegate certain tasks to certain team members.


The FINSYNC Lender's Portal is a complete solution for loan application intake and processing. Any lender can now offer electronic loan applications to their customers—zero core integration required for one low monthly subscription.   Learn more about FINSYNC's all-in-one cloud-based accounting platform.  
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