Thank you to our guest blogger, Elizabeth Wright!


  • Always be approachable and caring while networking.
  • Ask appropriate questions when you meet someone or in a networking meeting.
  • Acknowledge referrals with a “Thank you” and follow-up on them.


  • Be professional and sincere in all business situations.
  • Be willing to give referrals before you receive them.
  • Be dressed appropriately and ready for events. Do you know the dress code for the event? Will it be inside or outside? Do you have plenty of company literature with you?


  • Consult with your clients to support their success. See what their needs are. Surveys can be helpful with this.
  • Communicate with attendees at business after hours. Have a few questions ready such as “What do you love about your job?” “How did you get into your field?” or “Where did you grow up?”
  • Cameras are everywhere so clean-up your social networks. Remove any images of wild partying, skimpy attire or fowl language. Companies are using these networks to pre-screen vendors, consultants and job candidates.

networkingworksAbout the Author:
Elizabeth T. Wright is the founder of Networking Works!, a business networking group that focuses on referral sharing in the Atlanta area. You can reach her at [email protected]