“Cash flow management is statistically the biggest reason small businesses fail and FINSYNC is uniquely positioned to help handle that piece better than others because we are the payments engine. We are the accounting and payroll engine. We automate all of these functions, so a small business owner doesn’t have to spend a large chunk of their time doing so.”

Eddie Davis, FINSYNC’s VP of Business Development, sits down with Business RadioX to discuss how FINSYNC is revolutionizing the way business owners manage their cash flow. He shares insight into the inner-workings of how our cloud-based financial platform enables owners to conduct better business through automation and advanced analytics in real-time. From centralizing control of payments to accessing better financing, Davis discusses how and why FINSYNC came to be and what to look forward to in the near-future. Listen to the full segment below or here.

About Eddie Davis:

In his role as VP of Business Development at FINSYNC, Eddie Davis has the great pleasure of introducing its cloud financial platform to forward thinking partners ranging from financial institutions to accounting, advisory, payment and others parties interested in facilitating better business through automation and analytics advances.

The future of business technology excites him, and he enjoys studying and providing feedback on new applications as well as writing for publications on topics including FinTech, AI, Blockchain, E-Commerce, Millennial Business and other emerging technology trends.