FIN-Features-Icons-800x-Color-InvoicingOver the next couple of weeks, come back to visit the FINSYNC blog as we release a series on time savings for small business owners. We’ll begin by focusing on the income side of your business:

  • Invoicing
  • Collections – Next Week
  • Customer Payments – The Following Week

If you drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on administration and reallocate that time to activities that generate revenue, your business will grow.

Time Management

How can I streamline invoicing?

FINSYNC already saves you substantial time over using Excel, legacy accounting software or invoicing by hand.  All of your invoices are sorted and consolidated in one dashboard and accounting updates as you create invoices and your customers pay.

Here are some tips to be sure you get maximum time savings from invoicing with FINSYNC:

Tip #1: Complete your catalog when you set up FINSYNC. Your service catalog is where the various things you sell are found. Input them all in the beginning with the correct price and income category, and you will be able to select them from a dropdown moving forward.

Tip #2: Convert quotes and sales orders to invoices. FINSYNC has built in quotes and invoices, so you can be sure your customer agrees with what you are selling. When your customer agrees, just convert to an invoice and you save the step of having to recreate the invoice.

Tip #3: Use recurring invoices whenever possible. Do you sell the same thing on a repeated basis? Don’t generate a new invoice every time. Choose recurring invoices and FINSYNC will send a new invoice on the schedule that you set.


Tip #4: Make your receivables (money owed to you) dashboard available to the right members on your team. With proper permissions, your team is up to date about what customers have been billed and how much each one owes. Your team can look at how much each customer owes, all of your overdue invoices organized by date, and how much each customer has paid over the life of the relationship.

Next week we’ll look at how you can streamline collections with FINSYNC.