FIN-Features-Icons-800x-Color-InvoicingOver the next couple of weeks, come back to visit the FINSYNC blog as we release a series on time savings for small business owners. We’ll begin by focusing on the income side of your business:

  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • Customer Payments – Next Week

If you drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on administration and reallocate that time to activities that generate revenue, your business will grow.


How can I streamline collections?

FINSYNC helps you get your invoices in front of your customer quickly, streamline their payment, and helps you follow up on unpaid invoices.

Here are some tips to be sure you get maximum time savings from collections with FINSYNC:

Tip #1: Send invoices via email. Putting your invoice in front of your customer as fast as possible means your customer knows they owe you money.

Tip #2: Make payment easy and fast for your customer. ACH is the fastest way and is enabled on FINSYNC invoices by default. If your customer insists on paying via credit card, enable merchant services so that he or she can pay upon receipt. Lastly, if your customer still wants to use paper checks, consider enabling lockbox and at least you and your team will not have to worry about going to the mailbox and bank to make a deposit.

Tip #3: Set payment reminders. Some customers need gentle reminders to make payment. You can set up weekly or monthly reminders when you recreate a one-time or recurring invoice.


Next week we’ll look at how you can streamline customer payments with FINSYNC.

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