Learn how to combat the most common small business payments challenges and improve your cash flow, security and overall efficiency.


Small business owners face a multitude of challenges on a daily basis. From tracking down a lost invoice to haggling with stubborn vendors over prices. You likely face plenty of distractions that can slow down the growth of your business. 

Making payments shouldn’t be an additional headache that you have to deal with. Unfortunately, the majority of small businesses face a number of payments challenges that stem from using outdated, tedious and inefficient B2B payment processes. 

Beyond the inefficiencies, there’s also the security risk posed to your business every time you reveal your financial information to make an ACH or credit card payment. Fortunately, there’s now an easier, more secure way to make business payments.

FINSYNC Pay can help solve the three most common small business payment challenges to help you run your business more efficiently and securely while improving your cash flow.

Challenge 1:  Inability to Pay Vendors With a Credit Card

Let’s face it, it would be a lot easier to run your business if you could pay everyone with a credit card. Unfortunately, many vendors limit customer payments to cash, check or ACH. But what if you could charge traditionally cash-only expenses to your credit card? 

You’d not only have a more convenient way to pay vendors. You’d be able to manage your cash flow for critical business expenses while maximizing your credit card rewards.

What if all of your bills are due on the first of the month, but you pay your employees twice per month? Without careful cash flow management you could end up without enough cash in the bank to compensate your people and your vendors. 

FINSYNC Pay gives you the ability to charge critical business expenses to your credit card, including traditionally cash-only expenses. 

This allows you to easily make all of your vendor payments on time and pay them off at the end of the month, after you’ve had the whole month for cash to pile up. This can be especially helpful if you have irregular income or frequently need to go out-of-pocket on client projects before getting paid.


Challenge 2:  Exposing Sensitive Financial Information

If you’re like most small business owners, you get a little uneasy when you make a business payment. That’s because every time you make a traditional business payment you expose your financial information. 

Unfortunately, the way most vendors accept payments is not secure. In fact, there are multiple times in the ACH payment process where your account and payment details are exposed. 

How many times have you been asked to share your full credit card information by phone, email or fax? Once your card numbers leave your hands, you have no control of where they might end up.

FINSYNC Pay allows you to make business payments without revealing your account number or credit card details. Eliminating the risk of exposing your business to financial fraud, and drastically improves your financial security.

Challenge 3:  Inefficient Payment Tracking

Tracking business payments can be a tedious, time-consuming process that eats up time, money and productivity. Just think of the things you could do if you didn’t have to allocate valuable resources to correspondence due to lost payments in both directions. 

Traditionally, B2B payments are inefficient and difficult to track. Businesses are often left wondering who made a payment that shows up in their account. 

With FINSYNC Pay, full remittance details are provided to your vendors including their invoice information or even a copy of the invoice itself. When customers pay you, they’re responding to your payment request directly so funds are automatically applied to the correct invoice.

With all of the information you need at your fingertips, that means less time spent tracking down payments to keep your books in order — and it all happens automatically.

FINSYNC Pay Solves Your Small Business Payment Challenges

The latest research shows that 82% of US businesses fail due to cash flow-related problems. That’s because the old way of managing payments, cash flow, accounting, financing, payroll and services is outdated. It is insecure and entirely decentralized.

FINSYNC Pay is a revolutionary new technology. It enables small businesses to save thousands of dollars a year in administrative costs. The payment platform not only enables you to pay your cash-only vendors via credit card. It also helps you manage your cash flow, centralize control of your business payments and pay vendors easier and with less processing. 

FINSYNC Pay is also a more secure way to process business payments, as it allows companies to issue and request credit card payments without an existing merchant account, and without exposing sensitive information. 

There are many challenges facing small business owners. Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about business payments. FINSYNC Pay is more than simply a better way to pay your vendors. It works with the entire FINSYNC platform to help provide a complete payments, cash flow, accounting and payroll solution. 

Contact FINSYNC today to learn more about the advantages FINSYNC Pay can provide to your business.