On March 26, 2020, Nathan Page, FINSYNC Director of Customer Implementation, led a webinar explaining how to quickly and securely receive payments from your customers. All FINSYNC customers were invited to participate in the webinar to get a better understanding of receiving electronic payments using the FINSYNC software.

The three main topics that were discussed during the webinar were tips for setting up your income tab, receiving payments, and what customers see when they pay you. 

The Webinar Video Recording

Click the video below to watch or listen to the full webinar recording.

Tips for setting up your income tab: (2:41)

  • Enable Bank ACH Payments: (3:30)
  • First, start off by visiting the income tab. Then, in this tab, you will be able to add your business information. Lastly, you will have several options to fill out, as well as the option to include your logo. 
  • Selecting your default accounts in which you will be receiving and sending payments.
  • Fees for ACH are .50 cents per transaction for both incoming and outgoing payments.


  • Get Paid Via Charge Card with Your FINSYNC Merchant Account (7:04)
  • Works for sending out payments through bill pay or to receive payments via credit card.
  • Typically you will receive an answer in 1 business day regarding your application.
  • No fees to apply.
  • Great way to allow your customers to pay via credit card and fast turnaround time.
  • Fees are 2.9% and .30 cents on each transaction.


  • Receive Checks Through Lockbox (8:17)
  • Create a paperless workplace for those customers who don’t want to fully switch to ACH.
  •  Located in Atlanta and monitored by the FINSYNC team.
  • FINSYNC deposits the check on your behalf and then transfers the funds into your account.
  • There is a flat fee of $1 for using the lockbox service.


  • Additional Settings (9:07)
  • Invoice and order numbering have the option to be manually entered or automatically generated
  • Recurring invoices are an option, with the ability to select when you want to get paid. For example, net 15, 30, or 60.

Quickly and securely receive payments from your customers by ACH, Check, Debit, or Credit Card (10:46)

  • Creating and sending payments requests (12:34)
  • Skip to minute 12:34 in the video to view the demo on creating payments.


  • Recurring invoices (19:34)
  •  In the settings, you have the ability to select several components. For example, frequency, starting date, and due date. 

What customers see when they pay you (21:32)

  • FINSYNC Invoice Email (27:45)
  • The invoice the customer receives in their mailbox is FINSYNC branded but will include your business name.
  • Your company logo will show once they click to view the invoice.
  • Customers have the ability to download a PDF and pay automatically.


  • Creating a “FINSYNC Limited Account” (29:05)
  • To view how to set up a limited account skip to 29:05.
  • Quick and easy to manage.
  • No fee to create an account. Upgrade only needed for certain functions.


  • Your Customer’s Payments Inbox (30:44)
  • For a full view of customer’s payments inbox skip to (30:42)
  • Customers have the ability to pay right away with their bank account information, accept and pay later, or reject.


  • Storing Payment Information for Future Use (32:28)
  • Send future payments simply by using a login and password
  • Double-blind bank-level security
  • Password protected information

Questions & Answers From The FINSYNC Payments Webinar

After discussing more information about receiving payments, we opened up the mic to all attendees for questions. 

  • Q: How can I add “Lockbox” to my invoices as clients question the PO Box not being the name of my company? (24:01)

  • A: That information is controlled under the company profile settings. The company profile stores your business information. Towards the bottom, you will have the primary contact information, which is where you will be able to edit the information. 
  • Q: What information is needed to process an ACH payment?  (26:32)

  • A: From a customer perspective, the only information needed is, bank name, account number, routing number, and what type of account is it: checking or savings account.
  • Q: Does FINSYNC offer one on one consultations/ demos? (35:22)

  • A: Yes, we offer this as part of onboarding through implementation. We’re happy to schedule demos to set you up for success with the software!
  • Q: Can invoice reminders be customized? Are they global reminders or can they be custom for each customer? (35:52)

  • A: Those are set up on invoice level each time you send them out. They are not global settings. There is customization in terms of each invoice has a set of reminders you can choose before sending.

For more information on the FINSYNC software and getting started visit: https://www.finsync.com/