How We Help You with Payments

FINSYNC operates the only payments network that helps businesses of all types and sizes experience a better way to pay and get paid.

Sync Your Bank and Credit Cards to FINSYNC to:

  • Send payments from your bank account or credit card using only an email address.
  • Receive payments however your customers want to pay: ACH, credit card, online, email or in person.
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FINSYNC Payments Dashboard

Complete Solution

How We Help You Manage Cash Flow

Unlike QuickBooks and similar accounting applications, FINSYNC is an all-in-one platform that automates accounting and helps you manage cash flow.

Built-in features include:

  • Payments
  • Invoicing
  • Bill pay
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Projects
  • Cash flow management

Built-in partner network services:

  • Banking & Financing
  • Card Processing
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Insurance
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We partner with the best

Every Business Needs a Support Team

The FINSYNC platform is supported by a network of top-tier accountants, bookkeepers, banks, credit unions, lenders and insurance agents.

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Together, we are in sync to help you succeed with the support you need.

Get all finances in sync

How We Can Help Increase Profits

When you combine our software with partner services, you’ll experience financial harmony and the best way to grow your business with less time and better results.

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Example success story

We Measure Our Success Through the Success of Our Customers

More about FINSYNC 4 The old way $460/mo
More about FINSYNC 1 FINSYNC $165/mo

The old way businesses managed payments, accounting and cash flow was decentralized. FINSYNC’s centralized approach helps you get all your finances in sync and get in sync with the right financial professional at the right time, saving measurable time and money. See the math below.

The old way FINSYNC
Apps 4 apps 1 app
Software fees $5,520 $1,980
Service fees $105,460 $46,245
Time (in hours) 2080 1040

We have customers who have saved tens of thousands of dollars moving from many different applications to a single platform and a virtual accountant.

Total Value to Client

$2,755 Software Savings
$59,215 Services Savings
1040 Time Savings
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“I had been using Quickbooks Online because I was told it was the industry standard. FINSYNC told me I could spend less and get more – and they were right. I used to write paper checks out for some vendors – now I just click a button. And real people answer my questions when I write, and they call me to point out things I may have missed.”

Media Beyond Andy Rostad Chicago, IL
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We're Here To Help You Get Started & Succeed

Expect a call within minutes of starting your free trial from a dedicated member of our team who will be there to help you get the most of out of our software and partner services.

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Expense Reimbursement
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