Bill Pay

  • Why should I use FINSYNC to pay bills?
  • How much time does it take to import payees from online banking?
  • How does FINSNYC's security compare to my banks?


  • How long does it take to import my customers and invoices?
  • How soon can I start accepting payments online?
  • How does using FINSYNC to manage invoices help me borrow money?


  • What is FINSYNC's lockbox?
  • Why should I use FINSYNC's lockbox service for income?
  • Why should I use FINSYNC's lockbox service for expenses?
  • Can I use my FINSYNC email address and PO Box for expenses?
  • How do I start using the lockbox for expenses?


  • I currently process my own payroll, why should I use FINSYNC?
  • How do I switch from my current payroll processor to FINSYNC?
  • Can I use FINSYNC for just payroll?



Additional Modules

Business Intelligence

Financial Synchronization

  • What will it mean to me to have my finances in sync?
  • Do I need to be assigned a FINSYNC specialist?

Advanced Bank Level Security

  • Is my data safe in FINSYNC?