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Sync Your The Bank Of Protection Accounts to FINSYNC to:

  • Enable innovative software
  • Experience unmatched services
  • Simplify financial management

The All-In-One Platform To Help Your Business Start, Scale and Succeed!

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Many Ways of Getting Started:

$10/MO $0/MO*

Get Paid Faster, Pay Bills Easier

You can sync your The Bank Of Protection accounts to FINSYNC to save time and money with electronic invoicing and bill pay.


  • Request a payment using only someone’s email and receive however they want to pay - card, ACH or check
  • Checks are converted to ACH so you receive all payments electronically

Bill Pay

  • Pay anyone using their email address, they can choose to accept ACH or check
  • Checks are mailed on your behalf so you never have to buy stamps again
$40/MO $20/MO*

Process Payroll with Confidence & Lower Cost

You can pay employees, contractors, contributions and payroll taxes online with just a few clicks, with fast onboarding and friendly support if you need help.

  • Accurately pay W2 employees & 1099 contractors
  • Have employees track time and expenses
  • Eliminate mistakes with payroll tax deposits
$55/MO $27.50/MO*

Automate Accounting & Control Cash Flow with Ease

Accounting happens automatically as you use FINSYNC to manage cash flow.

  • See all bank and credit card activity in one place
  • Plan for upcoming income and expenses with intuitive charts and calendars
  • Manage projects and automate accounting
$95/MO $47.50/MO*

Get All Your Finances In Sync

Centralize control of payments, process payroll, automate accounting and manage cash flow with less time and better results.

  • Payments
  • Payroll
  • Accounting & Cash Flow Management

Get Best-in-Class Relationship Banking

While many software companies are trying to evolve into a bank, we partner with financial institutions by delivering personal service and timely support you may need to succeed long-term. Our software connects you with your relationship banker online with advanced communication tools.


Get the Best Financing Options

We help you get the best options using a numeric scoring system based on your cash flow metrics, which helps lenders work together to meet your changing needs.


Get the Best Card-Processing Solution

We match you to the ideal card-processing solutions consultant based on your location, line of business, equipment & software needs, processing volume and support preferences.


Get the Right Person at the Right Time

We've built a network of top-tier accountants in partnership with our financial institution partners, interviewing tens of thousands of accountants, to be able to match you based on your budget, proximity, industry, accounting needs and business objectives.


Get the Right Insurance at the Right Time

We help you get in sync with an insurance agent that can get to know you, your business, and your employees to be sure you and your employees have the right insurance at the right time.

The Bank Of Protection +

When you combine innovative software with unmatched services, you’ll experience financial harmony and the best way to grow your business with less time and better results.

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