Automate Billing & Collections

Accounting automatically updates as your customers pay.

With FINSYNC’s integrated invoicing and payments,  your customers can pay directly from their inbox.

  • Accept ACH payments for $.50 each.
  • Integrate Stripe, PayPal, or WorldPay for charge cards.
  • Use lockbox to automatically deposit checks from customers that want to pay by snail mail.

Even better, FINSYNC will send automated collections reminders to your overdue clients.

Run More Profitable Projects

Track labor and out of pocket expenses against your bids

FINSYNC automatically calculates margin and profitability by project and phase by tracking:

  • Your bid
  • W2 hours by task
  • 1099 hours by task
  • Any out of pocket expense or reimbursable

With automated tracking, you can correct course before you lose money and bid better projects going forward.

Other Features That Marketers Love

Put your office on autopilot

  • Automatically import & categorize bank and credit card transactions
  • Know when your customers pay before your bank
  • Auto-draft customers by ACH
  • Issue electronic payments or remote cut checks from the dashboard
  • Pay 1-100 bills in seconds
  • Create as many recurring invoices as you need
  • Track personal and team time from desktop or mobile app
  • Automate Payroll filings and payments
  • Track and reimburse team members' expense claims