• Charter Membership

    We created this program to align FINSYNC’s interests with those of our members, and share the resulting benefits. Partnering with our Charter Members, a special class of users with common interests, allows us to evolve at the speed of your business.

  • Why Join?

    There is no additional fee for Business Pro subscribers to become Charter Members. Our success is measured by the value we are able to create for our members.

    While services like QuickBooks continue to increase prices and limit value, FINSYNC offers value that grows with membership, along with an increasing level of service.

    Benefit from the network effect: The more members who join, the more value you'll receive. For example, once we reach 100,000 members, each member will benefit from negotiated discounts, among other benefits.

    The first 100,000 members will receive one hour per month of free concierge service, a $780 per year value. In addition, when we reach this level of membership, each of our first 100,000 members will receive a $1,000 cash-back rebate.

  • Benefits

  • Conversion Assistance

    We make it easy to convert from QuickBooks or any other accounting and payroll software via our complimentary conversion program.

  • Concierge Service

    Receive expert help from a dedicated Concierge Service representative who will help with initial implementation, bookkeeping and additional services.

    Receive one hour free per month. Every hour thereafter starts at $65 and up, depending on your needs.

  • Influence Feature Enhancements & Integrations

    Interact with an online community of Charter Members and provide feedback to help drive product enhancements and third-party integrations.

  • Lower Rates

    Receive preferred pricing on financing obtained through the FINSYNC Lending Network.

  • Negotiated Discounts - Coming Soon!

    The more members that join, the greater your purchasing power becomes on common purchases like workers comp, general liability, health insurance, legal and other goods and services.

    We are close to the necessary critical mass to officially roll this out. Keep your referrals coming!

  • Next-Day Payments

    Expedite payments you send through FINSYNC. Pay a per-transaction fee, or opt for a fixed amount based on transaction volume and amounts.

  • Cash-Back Reward

    Receive a $1,000 rebate for being one of our first 100,000 Charter Members. Active Charter Members will be paid the rebate after membership reaches 100,000.

    Our goal is to reach 100,000 Charter Members by year-end 2019, if not much sooner. You will be able to track progress through the online community established for Charter Members.

    If and when we complete a public offering in the future, we also plan to offer you the opportunity to invest your cash reward in FINSYNC stock at the IPO price.

Business Pro Customers are Eligible for Membership


“We were one of the early adopters of FINSYNC and have given them suggestions along the way, which has improved our experience and the value we get out of the platform. I was thrilled when the opportunity to become a Charter Member was offered to me.”

Galen Dalrymple - Charter Member COO, Polymath

Growing Together

FINSYNC is growing at a rapid pace, and we are committed to supporting those who invested in our company by way of early adoption, feedback and referrals. Our ultimate goal is to align our interests with our Charter Members and improve overall transparency as we set the course for a public offering in the future.

Membership 13

Long Term Vision

“In 2016, before we moved all six of our companies to FINSYNC for payments, payroll and accounting—essentially everything—we called to talk to senior management at FINSYNC to get a sense of where the company was going. Their long-term vision gave us the confidence to move all of our business to FINSYNC and we are glad we did. We already love the platform and are very excited about all the new benefits, especially next-day processing for paying contractors.” ”

Lance Perry - Charter Member

CFO, The Miner Group
Business Financing 14

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  • How soon could I see a feature enhancement implemented that I suggest?
  • At what point will negotiated discounts be available to me?
  • Is Concierge Service right for my business?
  • Can I process next-day payments immediately?
  • Why is FINSYNC offering me a rebate?
  • When does FINSYNC plan to go public?

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