FINSYNC is a cash flow management platform you can use to grow

Lenders who join the FINSYNC Lending Network benefit with increased deal flow, better data and long-term relationships with customers.

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    More Deal Flow

    Share your lending products with millions of small businesses in new and innovative ways. Deals may come to you directly through bank and credit union partners looking for diversification.

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    Better Data

    Businesses using FINSYNC have the automation to be more financially organized and you have the tools to analyze data in a way that augments your current online process.

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    Long-term Relationships

    When it's easy for businesses to manage their finances in a single platform and connect with you for capital, they're more likely to do it again.

The totally new way to back growing businesses

FINSYNC help businesses get in sync with you using advanced cash flow analytics so you can make a quick or automated underwriting decision, resulting in improved outcome for you and the business.

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  • The Old Way

    The Finsync Way

  • Prior to FINSYNC, businesses struggled to visualize and understand their cash flow and loan options together. FINSYNC helps online lenders help their business customers understand and visualize their cash flow and loan options together, or what cash flow metrics need to be improved in order to qualify for loan options.

A Complete Solution

Businesses can get started with financing and seamlessly enable more features to operate more efficiently, at a lower cost, with better analytics and one click access to get in sync with you for future growth capital needs.

It's easy to get started

FINSYNC is cloud based, so there’s no software to download or install. There’s no further integration required.

FINSYNC is complementary to whatever you are using today and adds immediate value by way of more deal flow and ability to fund more loans yourself or in concert with a network of lenders. You also benefit with new sources of recurring revenue.

Chances are, your members are already using FINSYNC.

Online Lenders

Join the Finsync Lending Network

The FINSYNC Network is built on solid economics and a shared goal of helping more businesses succeed.

Value for your customers

  • Better way to borrow
    FINSYNC helps your members see their loan options and cash flow together.
  • Best Way to Grow
    FINSYNC offers a complete solution for managing cash flow and one click access to you for future funding needs.
  • Save Time
    The full suite of services, bundled together at a very competitive price.
  • More Secure
    Online financial management with enhanced security and bill pay with enhanced privacy.

Value to you

  • Attract & Retain
    Attract and retain more members by being able to offer them the best financing options to grow their business.
  • Close More Loans & Reduce Risk
    Close more loans in partnership with a network of lenders who may assume more risk than you.
  • Risk Management
    Better financially organized and informed borrowers make better customers.
  • Efficiency
    Improve processes and procedures.
  • Non-interest Income
    Earn revenue on subscription based services and transaction services as well.
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