FINSYNC is a modern payments platform & a partner you can grow with

Members of the network benefit with increased deal flow, better data, and longer-term relationships with customers.

  • More Deal Flow

    Share your lending products with millions of small businesses in new and innovative ways. Deals may come to you directly and through bank and credit union partners looking for diversification.

  • Better Data

    Businesses using FINSYNC have the automation to be more financially organized and you have the tools to analyze data in a way that augments your current online process.

  • Long-Term Relationships

    When it's easy for businesses to manage their finances in a single platform and connect with you for capital, they're more likely to do it again.

Payments With A Greater Purpose

FINSYNC was built to help businesses process payments, manage cash flow and operate more efficiently — all at lower costs, with better analytics and with quicker access to advice and capital.

  • The Old Way

    The Finsync Way

  • Cash flow management was decentralized, expensive and insecure.
    Cobbling together numerous applications to run the back office and then manually applying for a loan was cumbersome and inefficient.
    FINSYNC helps businesses centralize control of cash flow, automate accounting and reduce the often laborious aspects of applying for a loan down to a single click.
    FINSYNC can work in place of or in addition to whatever online tools you are already using to streamline the loan approval process.

It's Easy To Get Started

FINSYNC is cloud based, so no software to download or install. Chances are, many of your customers are already using FINSYNC.

Join The Network

Once you join the FINSYNC network, incite your customers to join as well so you both reap the rewards.

Benefits to you

  • Attract and retain customers with new tools that improve business performance.
  • Increase business lending with new ways to originate, process, underwrite, close and service loans never thought imaginable.
  • Improve risk management by providing tools to your business customers that help them stay more organized and informed.
  • Improve operational efficiency with advanced automation.

Benefits to your customers

  • Business-to-business payments with more insights, control, automation and analytics.
  • One click to upgrade beyond payments and enable accounting, projects and payroll at a very affordable price and unmatched convenience.
  • Advance analytics that helps businesses make better more informed decisions while also helping you better serve them with advice and capital.

See how we can help you & your customers grow

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