Payments Made Simple

All you need is an email address to pay anyone using funds from your synced bank account or charge card.

Even if your vendor doesn't accept credit, debit, and ACH, you can pay them electronically.

If you have their email address, we’ll make sure they get paid with complete remittance advice.

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Secure Payments

Customers and vendors never see your sensitive bank and credit card information.

Fraud Protection Shield Created with Sketch. Our "double-blind" system means you never have to divulge your bank or card info and you never have to see your customers' bank or card data. Safer!

Drag & Drop Payment

A PDF invoice is now an electronic payment request.

Drag and drop your PDF invoice to create a payment request.

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Where you used to send an invoice via email or even US Mail, now you drag and drop that invoice PDF and create an electronic payment request in seconds, giving your customer complete flexibility in how they can pay you (ACH, Card, Lockbox).

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Faster is Better, Right?

The more easily your customers can pay you, the faster the money gets to your bank account. Money in the bank faster is always better for your business.

  • Drag & Drop
  • Accept any form of payment
  • Pay any bill electronically
  • Give customers ultimate flexibility
  • Pay everything via email
  • Single platform, single login


We even convert checks into ACH so you can receive all payments electronically.

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Payments in, Payments out

Simple, Fast, Secure.

  • Simple

    One login, one platform to pay all your bills and vendors

  • Fast

    Electronic payments are faster than payments by check via the mail.

  • Secure

    No more reading or copying credit card numbers over the phone.

Send and Receive Payments in the U.S.

Sync your current merchant account to FINSYNC to accept card payments today. We support all the major card processors.

It's Your Time

Time is money.
Spend your time building your business, not figuring out how to get paid.

FINSYNC puts all your incoming and outgoing payments in one platform. Pay and get paid by credit card, debit card, ACH and checks.

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