Track time, expenses and profitability across all projects in real-time.

Give your team members access to projects so they can start tracking time and adding expenses.

  • Employees and contractors can log into their own special purpose account to enter time and expenses.
  • The cost of labor, expenses and purchases are tracked and computed with billable amounts so you can track profitability with ease.

Popular Projects Features

  • Manage and pay bills on a per project basis.
  • Sync bank and charge card transactions to projects for streamlined expense tracking.
  • Easily invoice customers from projects.
  • Track time, expenses and profitability on a task, phase and project basis.
  • Quickly run job cost and profitability reports.
  • Easily build custom estimates and convert approved estimates into project budgets.
  • Time tracked on projects can flow over to payroll timesheets automatically.


Connect your bank accounts and let FINSYNC do the rest.

Imported transactions will be automatically categorized and matched with the correct GL account, bill or invoice so accounting happens automatically.

  • See all your bank and charge card accounts in one place.
  • Easily track trends, set alerts and create budgets.
  • Split transactions for more detailed reporting.
  • Assign transactions to departments, locations and associates for better operational insights and profitability analysis.
  • Make better, more informed decisions.

FINSYNC syncs with over 90% of the financial institutions in the United States.

As an independent bookkeeper, I have used a number of online accounting services. FINSYNC is head and shoulders above the rest. From an accounting standpoint, everything is very straightforward and similar to other providers. The key differences are in these areas: All-in-one system, top notch customer care, and project management.



Eliminate the hassle and cost of paper bills and checks.

Manage all your bills in one place and pay with electronic (ACH) payments or paper checks in just a few clicks.

  • ACH payments are safer, cheaper, greener and faster than paying with checks, envelopes and stamps.
  • Payments processed through FINSYNC automatically update your accounting records, providing you with real-time, actionable analytics.

POPULAR Bill Pay Features

  • Easily set up recurring payments.
  • Pay from multiple accounts with one click.
  • Pay any bill with just an email address.
  • Store receipts for detailed audit trail.
  • Prepare 1099-MISC forms.
  • Set tight controls on bill approval and payment.
  • Upload bills with your own FINSYNC email address or lockbox.
  • Easly track trends.
  • Sales tax tracking and reporting.
  • Purchase order module for inventory, materials and supplies.
  • Employees have their own free account for submitting expenses for your approval and payment.
  • Avoid late fees by setting reminders.
  • Custom permission (work flow) setup.
  • Track expenses by department, location and associates.


Eliminate the distraction of collecting payments and updating accounting.

Receive all your payments electronically, even checks.

Your customers can easily pay online using their bank account, charge card or mail a check to your FINSYNC PO Box (lockbox).

Works with…


and many others.


  • Easily set recurring payments.
  • Activate auto payments (ACH or charge card).
  • Set tight controls on who can approve and send invoices.
  • Enable deferred revenue schedule at the time of invoicing.
  • Customize payment schedules and set alerts to automatically remind customers when payments are due or past due.
  • Track sales by department, location and associate.

My experience with FINSYNC has been nothing but 5 star. The customer service, support, and relationship that has developed over the short period of time using the software has been phenomenal. For all of my businesses I feel comfortable, and confident knowing that I have FINSYNC. All of the above is the reason I believe I will stay with the company for all of my accounting needs. Top notch!



Keep doing what you love with accounting on auto-pilot.

Popular Accounting Features

  • Customizable chart of accounts.
  • Easily create custom budgets and track progress.
  • Toggle between cash and accrual reports.
  • Track income and expenses by department, location and associate.
  • General ledger, income statement, cash flow statement and trial balance have drill-down, transaction view capability.
  • All key metrics and cash flow forecasts are calculated automatically.


Jump-start your onboarding in a quick and easy way.

FINSYNC will help you get started with little to no effort on your part.

What we are here to help you with

  • Input vendor list and verify billing information.
  • Import customer list and contract information.
  • Import all open invoices and open bills.
  • Set up and verify chart of accounts.
  • Verify accuracy of opening balances.
  • Set up default accounts for income and expenses.
  • Input associate information and verify that pay rate and tax information is accurate.

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