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When you sync your bank accounts to FINSYNC, in one platform you can:


$10/MO Get Started
  • Partner Services Yes
  • Payments Yes
  • Payroll 
  • Banking 
  • Accounting 
  • Cash Flow Management 
  • Charts 
  • Projects 
  • Mobile Yes


$40/MO Get Started
  • Partner Services Yes
  • Payments Yes
  • Payroll Yes
  • Banking 
  • Accounting 
  • Cash Flow Management 
  • Charts 
  • Projects 
  • Mobile Yes

Accounting & Cash Flow Management

$55/MO Get Started
  • Partner Services Yes
  • Payments Yes
  • Payroll 
  • Banking Yes
  • Accounting Yes
  • Cash Flow Management Yes
  • Charts Yes
  • Projects Yes
  • Mobile Yes

Complete Solution

$95/MO Get Started
  • Partner Services Yes
  • Payments Yes
  • Payroll Yes
  • Banking Yes
  • Accounting Yes
  • Cash Flow Management Yes
  • Charts Yes
  • Projects Yes
  • Mobile Yes

Partner Services


Customers LoveGet best-in-class relationship banking


Peace of MindGet the best financing options using a number scoring system based on your payments history and cash flow metrics, your FINSYNC Score, which helps lenders work together to meet your changing needs.

Credit Card Processing

Value AddGet matched to the ideal card-processing solutions consultant based on your location, line of business, equipment & software needs, processing volume and support preferences.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Big Time SaverGet matched to right person at the right time based on your budget, proximity, industry, accounting needs and business objectives.


Value AddGet in sync with an insurance agent that can get to know you, your business, and your employees to be sure you and your employees have the right insurance at the right time.


Accept Payments

Value AddEnable ACH and credit card processing

Email Customer

Customers LoveRequest a customer pay using email and accept however they want to pay (ACH, card or check)

Email Vendor

Customers LoveSend a vendor a payment online via ACH or check


Send a simple or detailed invoice with line items for products, services, and sales tax if applicable; email invoice or print and mail

Bill Pay

Create a simple or detailed bill with line items to support multiple memos or categories; Pay bills online using ACH or check mailed on my behalf

Check Printing

Print a check from your Payments Dashboard using blank check stock


Create a customer quote and turn this into an invoice upon their approval

Sales Orders

Create and send a sales order and turn this into an invoice when approved by customer

Purchase Orders

Create a purchase order and turn this into a bill

Recurring Templates

Set invoices and bills to be recurring

Invoice & Bill Pay Approval Process

Add people to your team who can add invoices and bills for your review and approval

Set Payment Schedules

Customize payment schedules

File Attachment

Add attachments to invoices and bills for your records and additional remittance advice

Custom Catalog

Big Time SaverManage service and inventory items and easily add these to invoices and bills

Payments Portal

Customers LoveEnable your customers and vendors to create their own free FINSYNC Payments Inbox to maintain online payment information and remittance details for faster, more efficient payments and better reporting

Branded Invoicing

Add your company logo to all electronically sent or printed and mailed invoices

Bulk Bill Pay

Big Time SaverProcess bill payments in bulk

Duplicate Invoices & Bills

Easily duplicate existing invoices/bills to save time on creating new item

Payment Reminders

Customers LoveAutomatically remind customers of outstanding invoices

Enabled ACH Auto Draft

Customers LoveAutomatically process customer invoice payments with ACH drafts

Customer History

Easily see customer activity including total quotes, orders, PO, invoices and payments

Payment Reporting

Run all types of payment reports

Bulk Invoicing

On RoadmapSend invoices in batches

Invoice Customization

On RoadmapHave more design options to your invoice template and more easily select recurring invoice options

QR Code

On RoadmapPrint checks with a QR code so recipients can deposit electronically

Late Fee Calculator

On RoadmapHave built-in late fee calculator on invoices

Sales Tax

On RoadmapReport on sales tax collections with the help of a sales tax lookup service to support wherever you may be selling


Full Service Payroll

Customers LoveAdd employees and pay rates and have payroll taxes calculated automatically and accurately, guaranteed FINSYNC offers three payroll options: -Direct Deposit -Paycard -Check cut

Payroll For 1099

Add 1099 contractors and process with payroll

Tax Return Service

Big Time SaverHave payroll tax returns filed on your behalf automatically

Custom Pay Cycles

Customize payroll cycle

Direct Deposit

Big Time SaverPay employees with direct deposit (recommended)

Pay Cards

Pay employees using pay cards as an alternative to direct deposit

Payroll Checks

Produce a pay stub using FINSYNC and pair with your own check for net payroll

Track Time

Invite employees and contractors to track time

Track Expenses

Invite employees and contractors to track expenses

Expense Submission & Approval

Process payment for expenses part of payroll or separately through bill pay

Payroll Approval Process

Add people to my team who can help process payroll with my review and approval

Project Integration

Big Time SaverIntegrate payroll with project management

Employee Profiles

Create individual employee profiles to set custom pay rates, PTO accruals and tracking, and more

Payroll Reporting

Run all types of payroll reports

W2 Service

Issue W-2's and 1099s to employees and contractors, in a timely manner, to ensure yearly tax compliance

Live Support

Customers LoveGet friendly support if you need it


Bank Sync

Customers LoveSync all your bank and charge card accounts so you can see all transactions in one place

Auto Categorization

Big Time SaverSee transactions are automatically categorized

Import Transactions

Import old transactions and securely store to back up what you have with your bank and to maintain for much longer than your bank may support

Split Transactions

Split transactions across multiple categories for more detailed reporting

Auto Reconciliation

Big Time SaverAutomatically reconcile transactions with invoices, bills and payroll

Reconcile Reports

Reconcile bank statements with reports

Add Transactions

Easily add any manual transactions I processed

Bulk Categorization

Big Time SaverSelect up to 50 transactions to be recategorized at the same time

IOLTA Accounts

On RoadmapManage IOLTA accounts with greater ease, confidence and protections

Balance Transfers

On RoadmapTransfer funds between any synced bank account or charge card


Custom COA

Customize chart of accounts


Big Time SaverRun cash and accrual accounting reports

Journal Entries

Make single and recurring journal entries

Granular Reporting

Report by attributes, such as department, location and associate


Develop dashboard of key indicators


View, print, download and share all types of reports (income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger)

Transactional-Level Reporting

Easily drill-down beyond reports to transaction level data

Asset/Liability Management

Add and manage assets and liabilities

Appreciation/Deprecation Tracking

Track appreciation and depreciation on assets and liabilities

Audit Trail

Customers LoveView an audit trail of all activity by user

Export Reports

Export to CSV and PDF

Duplicate Entries

On RoadmapDuplicate journal entries, per-line-item tax and do so more quickly

Transaction Report

On RoadmapSet custom filters (date range, transaction type, customer and vendor amount, dollar amount) to produce a simple listing of transactions that meet the selected criteria

Drill-Down Capabilities

On RoadmapDrill-down on more report types so you can easily get to indivdual source transactions and easily return from the transaction to the report

Closed Periods

On RoadmapLock previous periods containing transactional data from edits or changes to have closed reports

Customer Statements

On RoadmapCreate a list of customer transactional detail for a selected period of time along with the customer's balance that can be emailed, printed or part of a message for two FINSYNC customers

Account Segmentation

On RoadmapChoose to divide GL account numbers into parts that allow for sub-accounts

Asset & Liability Management

On RoadmapMore easily manage assets and liabilities and match with the transactions that support

Cash Flow Management

Charts & Graphs

Customers LoveSee current and projected cash flow through helpful charts, graphs and calendars

Scenario Planning

Big Time SaverMake what-if scenarios to help plan, prepare and get solve cash flow problems ahead of time

Financing Possibilities

Peace of MindTrack access to financing options automatically


Invoices Chart

Customers LoveAccess a proportional graph representing all customer invoices with the ability to filter according to status, customer and month.

Bills Chart

Customers LoveAccess a proportional graph representing all vendor bills with the ability to filter according to status, vendor and month

Payroll Chart

Visually see how much of my payroll expense is allocated to individual employees on each pay run

Income/Expenses Graph

Big Time SaverView a graphical presentation of my Income/Expense trends

General Ledger Chart

Access a visual representation of your General Ledger with options to filter reported information.

Income/Expenses Chart

See a visual breakdown of all my expenses and income according to adjustable time frames.

Payroll Chart

Visualize a breakdown of payroll trends based on individual assocaites and timeframes

Income Related Graphs

Access to graphs representing a breakdown of all existing Quotes, Orders and Purchase Orders

Customizable Dashboard

On RoadmapBuild your own dashboard with custom charts, graphs, alerts and more

Alerts & Reminders

On RoadmapReceive timely, actionable information or alerts without having to log into the platform, all customizable and delivered on a frequency you set

Daily Digest

On RoadmapChoose to receive an email on a frequency of your choosing, which summarizes key data you select you would like to receive from your profile, such as account balances, invoice and bill summaries and updates, and upcoming transactions


Project Portal

Big Time SaverAdd employees and contractors and invite them to track time and expenses on projects

Project Time

Customers LoveTrack time and expenses by phase and task

Task Assignment

Easily assign tasks to employees for them to complete

Track Time

See timesheets and entries made by a stopwatch

Project Budgeting

Budget using a simple or detailed system

Project Invoicing

Big Time SaverAutomate project invoicing

Project Integrations

Customers LoveIntegrate with payroll accounting and cash flow forecasting


Mobile Processing

Customers LoveProcess a payment in person (credit card or ACH)

Mobile Invoicing

Customers LoveRequest a customer pay using email and accept payment via ACH or credit card

Mobile Bill Pay

Customers LoveSend a vendor a payment online via ACH or check

Employee Portal

Big Time SaverInvoice associates and contractors to their own portal for tracking time and expenses

Mobile Banking

On RoadmapSee all your bank and credit card transactions on your mobile phone, a more simple version than the desktop experience (Mobile Banking)

Expense Capture

On RoadmapRecord expenses and mileage as part of mobile banking, along with receipt image capture and attachments (Mobile Expense Capture)

Mobile Dashboard

On RoadmapSee helps charts and graphs that help you understand cash flow on the go more quickly (Mobile Dashboard)

User Experience

Profile Sharing

Customers LoveInvite many users to your profile without additional fees

User Entitlement

Customers LoveControl who sees and does what (fine grained user entitlement)

User Permissions

Big Time SaverSet permissions for approving or skipping bill and invoice approval process

Digital Support

Get user assistance within the platform via text and video

Live Customer Support

Customers LoveGet timely, friendly support via email, chat or phone

Data Import

Import lists of contacts to more easily create customers and vendors with whom you can send and receive payments

Data Export

Export lists of customers, vendors, invoices, bills and more directly from the data grids that contain this information, with the exported list mirroring whatever filters you had set for the grid (Data Export)


On RoadmapManage documents, PDF and other, tied to customer and vendor activity and transactions


On RoadmapWe are building a marketplace made up of some of your favorite applications, all based on your feedback.

Being A Better Host

On RoadmapExperience a system that knows what you want to do before you need to do it so you can get more done with less time, and realize value more quickly

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