sync platform

When You Sync Your Bank Accounts to FINSYNC, In One Platform You Can:

  • Invoice customers and get paid weeks faster
  • Pay vendors using only email
  • Process payroll online with lower costs
  • Automate accounting
  • Manage cash flow with less time and better results

The Only All-In-One Platform of its Kind

FINSYNC is the first payments platform built to help founders connect their entire ecosystem needed to centralize control of cash flow and build a successful business.

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Seamless
  • Empowered

Yes, You Can Get Paid Weeks Faster

We believe business should have access to capital as it's earned without complications or high costs.

That's why we built CollectEarly™ in partnership with banks who want to help you grow your business faster.

Invoice customers and go from waiting 4 weeks to 4 hours to get paid, and with less time and cost than accepting credit card payments.

Time to Value. Software & Unmatched Services to Give You More Time for What Matters.

The Complete Solution:

  • All features listed above, plus
  • New features or improvements released each week to help you manage cash flow with less time and better results

Finances Are Better When Everything & Everyone Is In Sync

We develop software solutions that power unmatched services in partnership with top-tier financial professionals to help you succeed.

Partner services are integrated so you get the best options with less time.

  • Banking & Financing
  • Card Processing
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Insurance

Get FINSYNC at a Discount from Forward-Thinking Institutions That Want to See Your Business Succeed

We sync with approximately 7,000 banks and credit unions! Turn any traditional business banking offering into an all-in-one platform for better cash flow management.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

Whether your business is a start-up or a scale-up, we’re here to help you succeed with personalized services, backed by constant innovation with new solutions being developed every week.


Are you a new business owner?

Start with the software you need and seamlessly add as you grow.

Ready to modernize your financial platform?

Consolidate your financial management activities into one easy-to-use solution.

Want to save time and reduce costs?

Get your time back and grow with better results with software and services together.

We help businesses of all sizes and across all industries turn their current business banking offering into an all-in-one platform to simplify financial management.

Professional Services

Track time and expenses, invoice customers, pay vendors, forecast profitability per project.

Home Services

Create quotes and easily turn into invoices, manage payments and cash flow with ease.

Food & Beverage

Manage inventory, point of sale, payroll, accounting and more.


Manage jobs and expenses and pay contractors and employees.

Real Estate

Pay 1099 contractors and bills with ease, project cash flow in real time.


Run the back office with less time and expense, payroll and accounting included.


See all bank and credit card transactions in one place, process payroll, automate accounting.


Run your non-profit with lesstime, expense and better reporting.


Manage your business with mobile invoicing, instant payments and business insights.

rings Perfect Pricing Structure 1

“I had been using Quickbooks Online because I was told it was the industry standard. FINSYNC told me I could spend less and get more – and they were right. I used to write paper checks out for some vendors – now I just click a button. And real people answer my questions when I write, and they call me to point out things I may have missed.”

Media Beyond Andy Rostad, Chicago, IL

Get Started Today

You can get started with payments, payroll or partner services. Or get all your finances in sync with the complete solution and grow your business more profitably.

Services FinSync Quickbooks Gusto Expensify TSheets Harvest
Bill Pay
Expense Reimbursement
Time Clock
Time Sheets
Cash Flow Management

CollectEarly™ on invoices – Why wait 4 weeks when you can be paid in 4 hours!


FINSYNC is the first three-sided payments network that connects businesses with their customers and banks.

Yes, we mean WEEKS less time with CollectEarly™

How it Works

  • Your business builds a positive payments history with FINSYNC (or positive “FINSYNC Score”) or invoices a customer with a positive payments history (FINSYNC Score), and then
  • Once your customer accepts the invoice, we offer you the option to CollectEarly™
  • Funds can be deposited into your synced bank account on the same day you CollectEarly™
  • The cost is 2.5% of the transaction amount (less than most credit card transactions)