The old way businesses processed payments was decentralized, expensive and insecure. Accounting and cash flow forecasting required data input – often from many systems, and applying for a loan was a cumbersome exercise for both the borrower and lender.

In 2011, FINSYNC set out to solve these problems and help more businesses succeed with a new class of financial software: Cash Flow Management.

FINSYNC’s all-in-one platform helps businesses centralize control of payments, manage cash flow and grow. In a single platform, businesses can collect income, pay bills, process payroll, automate accounting, forecast cash flow and access fast, flexible and affordable financing through FINSYNC’s Lending Network.

Businesses using FINSYNC benefit from improved operational efficiency, lower operating costs, better analytics and quicker access to lower-cost capital.

Banks, credit unions and lenders join the FINSYNC Lending Network to receive loan applications electronically and benefit from advanced analytics and automation.

See how FINSYNC can help your business.

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