Bob Hardy FINSYNC Customer Spotlight Interview

When starting a business, ambition isn’t everything. You must cultivate and understand your ‘why’ or your passion. Finding success will often prove difficult without a passion because that unwavering enthusiasm will give you the determination to make your dream come true, no matter what obstacles arise on your journey toward achieving greatness. With every new venture, it pays off to ask yourself: What is my purpose?


Jeannine Breedlove had a vision, which she put into action with her unstoppable passion for saving lives. Bob Hardy shares the incredible story of how Jeannine created Grace Abounds Rescue Mission, an influential non-profit striving to do good in this world every single day. 

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What prompted you to start using FINSYNC?

We were looking at buying software and using local bookkeepers, but Lead Institute was a FINSYNC customer before they merged with Orchard, a faith-based non-profit in Atlanta. Orchard advises those who are interested in starting similar non-profits, and eventually, they ended up recommending this platform for our organization.


Do you have a financial institution connected to FINSYNC?

Most of our transactions go through our synced business checking account. Jeannine will go into the platform and categorize the transactions. This automatically syncs and is very simple to use.


Tell me about your company.

I am the Treasurer of a local non-profit organization called Grace Abounds Rescue Mission, which was started by Jeannine Breedlove. In the summer of 2021, Jeannine had a secure job as a children’s ministry director. She got to know one of the kid’s mothers that were involved with the ministry and were fighting a battle with drug addiction. This young mother was in a terrible cycle of going to rehab and then using drugs again over and over. Sadly, this woman was in a fatal traffic accident that cost her her life and left her children without support. 

Jeannine decided to do something about this. So she quit her day job without a life jacket and lived off her savings, eventually starting Grace Abounds. This is a two-year residential life and spiritual recovery program for women in the county. We now have a nice house in town, and the women are doing great. 


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a small business owner?

In the beginning, the challenge was not to reinvent the wheel. Jeannine had a friend in California who ran a similar program, and she created Grace Abounds, which was similar to what was working for them. 

Fundraising is always a challenge for non-profits. Unfortunately, the need for support is there in our community. We have slowly created recognition. Jeannine has given us legs, and we are now thriving. We are very grateful to Jeannine and this ministry. 


What are the biggest benefits your business has experienced using FINSYNC?

Simplicity. I am not an accountant by training, but FINSYNC was easy to navigate credit and debits and a financial management system. We found it to be very time efficient and easy to use. 


Have you utilized FINSYNC’s customer service?

Yes, your customer support is another strength for us. They are very effective and patient in helping us get set up and use the system. Since then, we have had very few issues, but if we do, they respond very quickly. 


How has FINSYNC saved you time?

One of the most important benefits we get from our FINSYNC  relationship is the handling of our payroll and all federal and state payroll withholding and tax reporting. With the FINSYNC payroll processing system, it is incredibly easy and inexpensive!


What advice do you have for those thinking about owning their own business?

If anyone is thinking about starting a faith-based non-profit, check out Orchard. Between FINSYNC and Orchard, we are able to touch the lives of people directly in our community. 



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