FINSYNC Spotlight Interview – Aaron Gogain, Duncan Graves & Lancaster Morgan Funeral Home

Aaron Gogain’s journey has always been fueled by a deep-rooted passion for helping others. His compassion is heartfelt and sincere. It was something that came naturally to him. However, as he grew older, he wrestled with a difficult question. How could he turn this desire to help others into a meaningful career that would allow him to earn a living?


Amidst this uncertainty, the Duncan Graves & Lancaster Morgan Funeral Home opportunity emerged almost serendipitously. Running his own funeral home was never part of Aaron’s initial plans, yet it perfectly aligned with his empathetic nature and his desire to make a difference.


Eventually, Aaron discovered an essential partnership with FINSYNC. This intuitive digital platform has served as a reliable partner, providing him with much-needed assistance in managing the financial side of his business and guiding him through the intricate world of accounting. 


Tell me about your company and what inspired you to start.

My background is in accounting and finance, and I was looking at new investment opportunities. Someone in my network asked me if I would consider buying a mortuary. My wife was able to identify my compassion for people and desire to serve the community, which correlated well with this industry. 


This company was established in 1898. We have 3 different locations, and we recently completed our second successful year of ownership. I am happy to steward this unique opportunity.


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a small business owner?

It is a very demanding line of work from an emotional capacity. One of the challenges I face myself, and for my staff, is not to be consumed by the emotionality of the families we serve. It is hard at times because we give everything we have to our grieving families and to the communities we serve. There are times of the year that are very difficult and very busy. It is important for us as a whole to still be able to spend time with our own families as well.


We have different seasons that produce a challenge for us. Right now is a time of year we refer to as Spring Burials. We are in Northern Maine, and for six months of the year, the ground is covered in snow. So those that have passed during the winter, we provide services during the spring. There are multiple services every day for a few months. 


What prompted you to start using FINSYNC?

It was actually a relationship. My uncle is FINSYNC’s Payroll President, Dave Olsen. Relationships are important. FINSYNC has a good team that listens to its customers, tackles problems they might be having, and is willing to make the necessary adjustments. 


What are the biggest benefits your business has experienced using FINSYNC?

One of my favorite features is the ease of seeing my daily cash and where I sit. I can assess where I am and how I am doing; it makes it easy to keep up to date with all the transactions coming in and out. 


Have you used FINSYNC Customer Service?

Clark is excellent and has taken care of me with any issues that might arise. It feels very collaborative like we are making the system better together. Their willingness to make it work and continuously improve the FINSYNC accounting platform impressed us during the implementation process. I appreciate that I am being heard.


What financial institutions do you have connected to FINSYNC?

Kenyatta Trust is a smaller, local bank I use. I also use Spark Credit Card that auto-syncs with my FINSYNC profile. This sync saves me time because all I have to do is classify the transactions rather than input them. 


How does having FINSYNC connected to your accounts make your business life easier?

In the beginning, FINSYNC didn’t have the ability to do check writing. When I show up at a cemetery or a church, I need to be able to hand them a check. This was something that FINSYNC listened to, and the developers worked through so that I could have this feature. 


I currently have three W2 employees and quite a few contractors on our payroll. Everyone uses the timekeeping tool, making it easier for them and me. I know what is happening and don’t have to talk to them before I approve.  


What’s the best thing about being a small business owner? 

The biggest benefits are being able to make an impact in people’s lives and in the community. As well as have the resources and ability to do more than I could prior to being a business owner. Blessing someone on my team outside my team and making an impact on others has been the most important reward. 


What advice do you have for those thinking about starting their own business?

Be prepared to sacrifice, work hard, and make an impact in people’s lives. 


FINSYNC allows you to run your business on One Platform. You can send and receive payments, process payroll, automate accounting, and manage cash flow. To learn more about how we can help your business start, scale, and succeed, contact us today.


Helping small businesses is our core mission at FINSYNC.

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