FINSYNC Spotlight Interview with Benjamin Walker, Owner of Walker Waste

In the world of entrepreneurship, stories of hard work, dedication, and perseverance often stand out. This Spotlight Interview delves into the journey of Benjamin Walker as he launched his waste distribution venture, Walker Waste.


Starting ambitiously with ten dumpsters and a single truck, Walker Waste has now expanded to a growing fleet, meeting rising demand. Benjamin sheds light on his journey, the role of mentors, the challenges of choosing the right financial tools, and the joy of seeing tangible results from his dedicated efforts. Join us in exploring his entrepreneurial journey and how FINSYNC played a part in his story.


Tell me about your company and what inspired you to start.

My company is a waste distribution company. I take dumpsters to customers, new construction homes, businesses, or renovations. I charge the customer to rent these dumpsters and for my services. 


I had someone like a second dad to me; he started one of these dumpster businesses back home, where I’m from. I saw first hand and knew that it would be beneficial. So I saved up my money, talked it over with my family, and decided to try it out.


I started with 10 dumpsters and 1 truck; now, I have 35 dumpsters and 3 trucks. I need more dumpsters every day. We are very blessed and just put our heads down and work hard. 


What’s the best thing about being a small business owner? 

I like the flexibility and that I can see the results of my hard work. 


What prompted you to start using FINSYNC?

I built a relationship with the people I bank with. They went through some of my price sheets and suggested I try FINSYNC. I thought, as long as it is easy, let’s try it!


What about the FINSYNC Platform that attracted you to it?

The biggest thing that attracted me to the system was I got tired if I had an issue with Quickbooks. I would call the helpdesk, and there was often a language barrier that was very difficult. I know when I called FINSYNC, I would get someone right away, usually within 30-60 seconds, and they would be in the US, probably Atlanta. As long as I can get someone to help me so that I can communicate, this is why I switched to FINSYNC.


What are the biggest features FINSYNC has compared to Quickbooks?  

I like the ease of us sending out the invoices. It is very easy to navigate through. We know that sending invoices is the best part of the week, and FINSYNC makes it easy. 


What financial institutions do you have connected to FINSYNC?

FNBC in Jonesboro. 


What advice do you have for those thinking about starting their own business?

Don’t be scared. I am a little timid; sometimes, I wish I wasn’t and would jump in a little deeper. Fortunately, my father-in-law is good about being aggressive. So I know when someone is willing to give you money, figure out how to take it. 


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