FINSYNC vs. QuickBooks: Small Business Owners Weigh In

Small business owners spoke with us about how FINSYNC has helped them solve common problems — and why many have switched over from QuickBooks.


At FINSYNC, we love connecting with small business owners for our blog series called Spotlight on Small Business Owners. Over the past year, we’ve interviewed a number of small business owners. We always enjoy speaking with them about the challenges and rewards of running a business. 

During these conversations, business owners often tell us how FINSYNC has helped solve some of the many challenges they face. Over time, we noticed a trend — QuickBooks has repeatedly come up in these conversations, completely unprompted. 

It turns out, a lot of FINSYNC users have switched over from QuickBooks in order to find solutions to issues that are common to many small business owners. Here’s why.


We had tried QuickBooks and several other solutions, and they all prevented us from getting visibility into where our cash pain points were going to be. Early on in the business we often found ourselves running out of cash unexpectedly.  

Whether something someone had purchased on a credit card wasn’t foreseen, or a client receivable wasn’t paid on time and we didn’t anticipate that, these situations became a problem. Working with FINSYNC we were able to get a lot of visibility to anticipate the crunches and prepare for those situations.

With the cash flow tools that allow us to see where our financial trends are, we’ve been able to look forward and see where potential problems might arise. This allows us to plan accordingly rather than having sudden surprises.”

Travis Peters, Impelos


“We were using QuickBooks because that’s what our accountant had asked us to use, and I was looking for more cost-effective alternatives. FINSYNC had everything that I wanted at a much more attractive price point. 

Plus, they were much more responsive to inquiries, really friendly in the onboarding process. They seemed much more concerned with our success and happiness than with just signing us up. The fact that there was a personalized onboarding process speaks directly to the difference between FINSYNC and the gigantic companies.”

Andy Rostad, Media Beyond 


“In the past, I’ve used various versions of QuickBooks and was never completely satisfied. FINSYNC has been a wonderful and affordable alternative to other accounting packages out there. It’s easy to use and the customer service is outstanding!

I’ve found the software very easy to learn. Whenever I have a question, Nathan has been readily available to help me figure things out. I like FINSYNC’s all-in-one model, the ability to accept many different methods of payment from a single platform, and that everything is synced from my bank account.”  

Kathy Pieper, Learning Cycle Tutors


“Before FINSYNC, we focused primarily on online sales and used Stripe and QuickBooks. This presented a limit for how many online invoices I could send. I needed a platform that would allow unlimited invoices and vendor payments since that is a large part of what I’m doing in my business. FINSYNC can do that and has many other features that are valuable to me. 

Callie Ogden, Event Vines

Project Cost Accounting

“We were using various tools and none of them talked to each other. We were using QuickBooks Online for our receivables. Later, we added the payables part to it. However, it wasn’t connected to payroll, nor was it connected to time tracking, nor to our project management data in Excel for project cost accounting. 

Our time tracking vendor didn’t connect to QuickBooks. We couldn’t really have a project cost accounting solution other than Excel spreadsheets, so I was spending a lot of time trying to get the data we needed from one tool and then patch summary information to other tools and make sense out of it all. It was very costly and very burdensome. 

I knew we had to have a better sense of where we stood as a company. FINSYNC pulls all the data together so I can make sense out of things. It was the only platform we found that did everything we wanted. 

QuickBooks can do payables, payroll, receivables, and general ledger kind of stuff, but the project cost accounting was virtually non-existent. Time tracking didn’t exist at that point either. Our accountant was a certified QuickBooks professional, but he couldn’t figure out how to use QuickBooks to get what we wanted.

The only platform that really seemed like it did project cost accounting well in a way that made sense to me was FINSYNC.”

Galen Dalrymple, Polymath 

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