Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Kathy Pieper, Learning Cycle Tutors

Kathy Pieper spoke with us about successfully navigating her way through the rewarding journey of small business ownership with a little help from her credit union, RBFCU, and FINSYNC’s all-in-one payments platform.


Spotlight on Small Business Owners: Kathy Pieper, Learning Cycle Tutors 1

It’s been a busy year for Kathy Pieper, who took over Learning Cycle Tutors on the first day of the new year. Mike Shenk originally founded the business in 2015. He had recently retired from active military duty. Mike was considering moving his life in a different direction around the same time that Kathy relocated to central Texas from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The stars seemed to align as the two began discussions, and Kathy officially took over the business on January 1st. She was first introduced to FINSYNC by Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU). About the same time she was considering this exciting new venture.

RBFCU started to offer it’s 60,000+ business members access to FINSYNC’s cash flow management platform last year to support the credit union’s ongoing mission to help their business clients succeed through better financial management. 

As Kathy stepped into her new role running Learning Cycle Tutors, she found that being able to access her RBFCU account information through the FINSYNC platform helped simplify the process of taking over an existing business, and set the course for future success. 

We sat down with Kathy to learn about her new venture with Learning Cycle Tutors, and to find out how FINSYNC and RBFCU helped make the challenging journey a little bit easier.

What are some of the biggest rewards of running Learning Cycle Tutors, and owning a small business? 

I’m passionate about the work I do with my students. I love the one-on-one relationships I build with my students and their families. And nothing compares to being your own boss!  

And the biggest challenges?

Health insurance!

How were you first introduced to FINSYNC?

When I set up my business account with RBFCU. They mentioned that this service was available. In the past, I’ve used various versions of Quickbooks. I never felt completely satisfied. Once learning about the benefits of FINSYNC, it only made sense to try it! I’ve been very satisfied and the learning curve has been well worth it! 

How has FINSYNC helped you get up and running with Learning Cycle Tutors?

FINSYNC has been a wonderful and affordable alternative to other accounting packages out there. It’s easy to use and the customer service is outstanding! I’ve found the software very easy to learn. In addition, whenever I have a question Nathan has been readily available to help me figure things out! 

What FINSYNC features have benefited your business the most? 

I like the all-in-one model, the ability to accept many different methods of payment from a single platform, and that everything is synced from my bank account. 

Has it been helpful to access your RBFCU account through FINSYNC’s platform? 

Yes, that was one of the strong selling points for me — that I can access my account information through FINSYNC. Working with RBFCU and FINSYNC together has made it much easier for me to get Learning Cycle Tutors off the ground! Thank you!

If you’re an RBFCU business member, consider signing up for Business Elite Pro. It includes FINSYNC and other benefits to help you grow your business.

Helping small businesses is our core mission at FINSYNC.

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