Spotlight: Mike Fuller of Elite Source Solutions Talks Entrepreneurship & Paying It Forward

We had the chance to connect with Mike Fuller, who spoke to us about his journey to business ownership and his passion for helping others become successful in their careers.

His company, Elite Source Solutions is a recruiting company founded in 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, and Tampa, Florida. They provide talent ranging from professional services to technical staffing or IT recruiting services. As the business has grown, their focus has become the Southeast while they periodically work in other markets as well.

Mike was kind enough to share some thoughts with us about starting and running a business:

What inspired you to start Elite Source Solutions?

I always had a passion throughout my career to start something of my own. Previously, I worked for another staffing company. After 12 years of working there, I felt like I was ready to take on a new challenge. I was ready for something new, and I knew I wanted to build something that I could be proud of.

What are some of the biggest rewards of running a small business?

It is extremely rewarding to watch people grow in their careers. I enjoy being able to mentor and directly help and watch others achieve success.

Several of our recruiters and entry-level positions come right out of school with no prior work experience other than their degree. Watching them grow and achieve success and maturity in business is by far the most rewarding thing.

Watching the company grow is so rewarding as well. It is incredible to see how we started with nothing and as time has gone by, we have gone from crawling to walking, and hopefully soon one day we will be running. It is so satisfying to see that.

What are some of the biggest challenges of owning your own business?

You never know what your day is going to hold. When you start off you are doing a little bit of everything. At first, I was running the business on my own. I found myself doing everything from accounting to sales management. It is also challenging when you have no revenue coming in at first.

There is always so much going on. You really have to learn to prioritize and master time management in order to run a successful business.

Why did you choose to start working with FINSYNC?

FINSYNC was the option that had the best value for the cost. I looked at several other payments platforms and FINSYNC offered the best overall value. If I ever had an issue with anything, I knew that I could call and a real person would answer the phone and could help me through it. The quality you get for the cost was a no-brainer. I would recommend FINSYNC to any small business.

Has FINSYNC made running your business easier?

It definitely has. A lot of small things that are needed are easily accessible. For example, when I need certain documents, I know where to find them. The reporting, creating an invoice, and payroll are all located in one place. We are able to gather reports quickly and efficiently. The software is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

What advice do you have for those who are thinking about owning their own business?

Nowadays it’s common culture for people to come directly out of college and want to become an entrepreneur and start their own business right away. I think this is great, but I feel like learning is so important. If you have the opportunity to work for another company and really get to know the business and work your way from the bottom up, I think that is very valuable. This is a great way for you to learn what to do and what not to do once you build your own business. Learning about challenges and how to overcome them is so valuable. Success takes time.



If you’re looking for more helpful tips, the FINSYNC blog is a great resource. Maybe your successful business will be featured one day!

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