Spotlight on Small Business Owner: Seth Larson with Alamo Dispatch

For Seth Larson, truck driving wasn’t just a job; it was a way of life. But after he and his wife welcomed their first son Wade Quinn Larson, Seth knew he wanted to be present for the most critical moments in his son’s life, and his priorities quickly changed. He set his sights on a new career that would allow him to be at home with his family, so he started his own company called Alamo Dispatch.

Seth is passionate about his work and takes great pride in helping others achieve their goals. He understands owning his own business isn’t always easy but worth it. Because he clearly understands his “why,” he has created a successful business and been the loving father he always wanted.

Tell me about your company and what inspired you to start.

Alamo Dispatch is a truck dispatching company. We receive a load request from our suppliers and connect these jobs with our drivers to complete the delivery. These jobs can transfer pellets for manufacturing, dog food, or other goods that need to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

I was a driver for six years, and I have a 4-year-old kid. There is a lot of work in transportation that doesn’t require being on the road. I knew I didn’t want to miss out on being a father to my amazing boy!

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a small business owner?

Right now, inflation is a challenge. The job rates are not matching up with the increasing fuel prices. The trucking industry has had a steady decrease in drivers over 5-10 years. Last year, trucking companies in the United States suffered a record deficit of 80,000 drivers

What’s the best thing about being a small business owner? 

The money I make goes to my family. I start early and work hard to accomplish my goals and not someone else’s quota. I have the flexibility to get things done and still be a family man. The decisiveness of making decisions and learning from the result of those decisions along the way. Learning is definitely a huge part of being a small business owner.

What prompted you to start using FINSYNC?

I am part of a group of other business owners, and we advise and support one another. They recommended that Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union start my business account since they are well regarded with the group. 

Someone from the business department called after I opened my account and asked if I was looking for software to do invoicing. The banker recommended FINSYNC as a great resource. It wasn’t until I scheduled a demo that I understood FINSYNC is more than invoicing. I was all set to contact ADP for payroll and Quickbooks for cash flow, and I learned from Jack that FINSYNC could do it all. Jack mentioned that FINSYNC syncs up well with my bank Randolph Brooks, which happens automatically.

What are the biggest benefits your business has experienced using FINSYNC?

The price is right, and there aren’t all these add-on costs that other accounting software charges. The payments, accounting, and payroll are the three services that matter to me. It is nice that everything is all in one place at an affordable price.

All of my drivers are 1099 contractors. They are easy to pay; the system tells me when they have opened the invoice, so I know when they have had their eyes on it. Additionally, we receive money from our clients that need their products transported.

Also, I appreciate your customer service. It is so difficult to get someone on the phone in today’s world, and you are sitting on hold all of the time. But I have spoken with Clark and know I can contact him anytime. He always responds quickly with a solution, and he has excellent communication skills. 

What financial institutions do you have connected to FINSYNC?

I was only 14 when I opened my first checking account with RBFCU. This is a big military town in San Antonio, and Randolph Brooks was connected to the airforce. My dad was active in the military, so we both set up an account. It made sense to create my business account here too.

When I first started using FINSYNC, I felt like it wasn’t syncing every day. I spoke with your customer service, and they looked into it. Now it syncs right away. It also has a “manual sync” option, but I rarely use this anymore because I see the transactions right away.

How does having FINSYNC connected to your accounts make your business life easier?

FINSYNC syncs up with Randolph Brooks so cleanly. I know that other accounting software does this too. FINSYNC does my payments, accounting, and payroll just as well as the bigger names in this industry. There are no compromises, and I have everything that I need all in one place at market standard for a far lower cost. 

It is easy to think that because something is cheaper, you aren’t getting the same quality or missing out on certain features. But that’s not the case. You guys are providing services just as well as everyone else and at a lower cost. What’s not to like about that?

What advice do you have for those who are thinking about owning their own business?

The pennies matter, and it is important to understand how much cash is coming in and out. Knowing your “why” will help get you there.

What features could FINSYNC implement that will make your life a little easier?

I wish the timekeeping features were more robust. If I am using the billing system, it is clear how it has been updated; it is so clean and easy to use. Every step of the way, I can download pdfs and access everything from one place. It is far more polished on the accounting side than on the timekeeping product. 


If you’re looking for more helpful tips, the FINSYNC blog is a great resource. Maybe your successful business will be featured one day!

Helping small businesses is our core mission at FINSYNC.

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