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Through our CO.STARTERS content, course material, and consultation we help you empower entrepreneurs to build their dream business.

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Transform your community into a thriving entrepreneur ecosystem and a better, brighter place for everyone.


The types of community organizations with whom we partner to offer our courses include:

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Cities
  • Churches
  • State and National Government
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Coworking Spaces
  • Entrepreneur Development Organizations
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Impact That Matters

See examples below of life, community, and economic impact that matters and how we've partnered with hundreds of communities organizations to empower tens of thousands (10k+) of entrepreneurs to make their business dreams a reality.


Startup Sioux Falls

  • Used 1 million SBA Grant to demonstrate how it could support entrepreneurs at scale across the region and state.
  • 200 businesses launched
  • 400 jobs created
Case Study

Community Organization

  • Corner to Corner Community Organization
  • 500+ community-organization
  • $13 Million + Economic Impact
Case Study

Main Street Organization

  • 2,000 new jobs created
  • Wheeling's city vacancy reduced by half (50%)
Case Study

Entrepreneurship Hub

  • Chattanooga top remote workers destination with tech & outdoors, low living cost
  • Companies building warehouses and factories nearby, recognized for business startups
Case Study

Coworking Space

  • 90 entrepreneurs, 3% of Bradford's population, graduated from which encouraged Bradford no space too small to transform through communal entrepreneurship.
Case Study

Chamber of Commerce

  • Fostoria Chamber has produced 27 new operational businesses (and 8 developing businesses) using
  • Community has seen a dramatic uptick in entrepreneurial support.
Case Study

Local Government

  • Entrepreneurs i n SWNMCOG programs launched businesses at 50 percent rate
  • Connecting entrepreneurs to others who will support them
Case Study

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